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By Simran Akhtar

Art by Simran Akhtar

It was at the stroke of midnight hour,
When India woke up to life and freedom;
A revelation so incredible
That transpires seldom.
Years since the eloquent speech
Addressed to an assemblage anticipating
A liberated Kingdom.

Beleaguered with fatal blows
And interminable bouts of struggle,
On 15th August, our country rose out of Ashes and ruins of its past troubles.

Innumerable rendezvous
With its beloved
She promised a tryst with destiny, yet again
Today we witness it’s authenticity
With eyes filled with wander and perplexity.

Engaging with its unending quest
Pledging to uphold it’s sovereignty
Inhaling the air emancipated with sweat and blood.

On this solemn anniversary,
Let us cherish it’s road to success.
Admire the diversity that comely conflated
A saunter towards the path of brotherhood and progress.

Let the dream of that nation be made real, Where the mind is without fear.
where the head is held high
A place free of torment and cries of sigh,
Where the shackles of prejudice break,Into that dawn of freedom Let our country awake.

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