Know your PCs!

Placement Co-ordinators, to be honest,one of the most under-rated and selfless jobs that a bunch of students put forth their heart into. Since, we realize the importance of something only after it is gone, and look here it is our time to bid adieu to you! Now, we realize how you people left no stones unturned to get us,into the most valued institutions of the country! A big thank-you to all the lovely work!

Engineering no doubt is one of the finest career option but getting a job in the placement-campus drive adds feather to it. And this job is done by none other than our placement coordinators. A placement coordinator is the moderator who makes sure that the placement drive takes place successfully. They are the most selfless people, even if they belong to different branches, their togetherness and teamwork is commendable. Hence, every CETian should be thankful to them.

Let’s have a look at our very own PC’s of 2014-18 batch

(Respected branch PC’s with the T&P Cell members)

Left to Right- Adwesh Behera, Snehasiddha Asanga, Abhishek Raut, Prateek Goutam, Asit Padhi, Sagar Samal, Manish Jain, Shantanu Kar, Pritish Pradhan,Badal Satpathy, Nitish Kumar, Sanghamitra Behera, Prabeen Kumar Behera, Pritish Misra (missing in the picture)

Though it was a whatsapp interview yet interviewing them is one of the best experience a Cetadel member can ever have!


  • How does it feel to become a Placement Coordinator?

Sagar: I will always feel proud to be a PC. The name and fame which I enjoyed is all because of this. A big thank you to my HOD for choosing me as the PC from my department.

Sanghamitra: It was a difficult position for me. Unfortunately, and forcefully I got this position but gradually I came to know this was a blessing in disguise and a responsibility to add in my graduation.

Shantanu: It feels like you have a lot of responsibilities.

Pritish Pradhan: As we know with great power comes great responsibility. Becoming a PC is not a matter of pride, it is not just a post, it’s a responsibility. The day when you are handed over the charge of PC, from that day you are responsible for placement of your batch. It gives immense satisfaction and motivation, that’s the power of this responsibility.

Pritish Misra: Becoming a PC feels like a very challenging and responsible job, I feel I have to achieve certain targets but I have to use the best possible manner to achieve that and yes discipline and sacrifice become your friends for life.

Prabeen: When I was chosen as the PC, it felt like I have a lot of responsibility on me more than anyone in this college and the future of my batch-mates rely on me.

Prateek: Proud to be a part of the most selfless team in CET.

Nitish: It feels like carrying the responsibility of your friends and their families’ life on your own shoulder.

Abhishek: The selection process for a Placement Coordinator is based on a person’s previous experience in Cell as a volunteer and the majority opinion of classmates hence obviously one feels responsible. Sometimes there is an anxiety when the situation looks bleak and alternatively an exhilaration when your efforts are rewarded in terms of healthy placement.

Manish: It doesn’t feel like anything. You have to realize that on the way there, changes have already taken place in your living situation at the college.

Adwesh: To be honest, becoming a PC was a sense of power in the beginning, later became a responsibility and pride that has to be earned with continuous efforts. It was like becoming a member of an extended family that came with a set of values and honour. The challenges demanded the best of you, and the opportunities pushed you to rediscover yourself.

Asit: Being a placement coordinator will always be the best inspiring experience for myself, which will be the building blocks for my future. Learning from mistakes, working in a team, working for the college and batchmates are being the inspiring points.

  • Is it easy to manage studies and cell work simultaneously?

Sagar: Yes, because I had spent time equally. Maybe some days I had to spend more time for cell work, but I am good at time management.

Sanghamitra: Any multitasking work is hard to manage simultaneously but we have to do it for betterment of everyone. Studies is personal preference and cell work is duty and a belief put in us by the placement authority.

Pritish Pradhan: Well as per me, “Asaan hai” bas yahi sochkar chalna hai. You can’t complain regarding this as its up to you how well you manage the time and if you fail to, then it’s your personal failure.

Shantanu: You have to do a lot of smart work.

Manish: It’s not easy to manage both studies and cell work simultaneously. But you have to manage both that’s why you are the placement coordinator.

Pritish Misra: No obviously not. Its not easy but somehow, I tried to keep a balance, some days it worked out and some days it didn’t. But again, I would like to add that a PC should be able to bring out the best from everything. Therefore, rather complaining its better to find a way.

Prabeen: It’s a bit difficult to manage both studies n cell work. But you need to be very wise on the time table you are going to work on. There must be a specific timetable for everything as that will make your work easier.

Prateek: It’s not that easy but you have to manage both because both are important.

Asit: Management is just another skill of a placement coordinator. In my experience, I didn’t find it to be that difficult for one to manage studies and cell work. Certainly, if the classmates, fellow coordinators and faculties give a better helping hand, it becomes easier.


Nitish: No, its not easy but as a PC you have to foresee the circumstances and prepare accordingly.

Abhishek:Not quite. At least not at the start of a session when there is a lot of work to be done. Some Placement Coordinators sacrifice their studies for the work and some others compromise their work. It is advisable to prepare oneself in advance for campus placement if one wishes to be a Coordinator.

Adwesh: It isn’t that difficult to manage both works, it just needs to be planned beforehand. If it’s difficult, we are engineers anyway.


  • What genuine problems did you face during the placement drives?

Sagar: A lot of problems! DG Problem, Room problem, Sweeper & electrician problem, yet no one helps us. When drive finishes, fake compliments are showered on us, no one bothers about our struggle and hard work for a single drive.

Pritish Pradhan: Not much to say but only lack of infrastructure is the factor which I feel as a problem to manage during placement drives.

Sanghamitra: Problems, many! Infrastructure issue, frequent power cuts, unavailability of rooms for smooth conduct of drive and sometimes timing problem.

Pritish Misra: Genuine problems as in power backup and proper infrastructure is the main deal for conducting a good placement drive because students at CET are quite good and cooperative when it comes to this.

Manish: Starting from the permissions to arrangements of the room everything is a problem in the college. There are no separate rooms, No Generator setup from last one and half year and the biggest problem is the no supportive nature of all the faculties and principal during the placement drives.

Prabeen: In CET you are going to face a lot of difficulties starting from permission to arrange room to electricity, AC rooms and lot many.

Prateek: The basic problem is that the college doesn’t have even minimum infrastructure or requirements to help in placement drives which also includes room problems and DG set up.

Nitish: The first and foremost problem- electricity and internet speed on the day of placement drive.

Abhishek: The list is quite long and hence an effort has been done to summarize it, so here it goes: Abject apathy of College Authorities, Lack of rooms for Placement, Busted Generator, Lack of dedicated staff for Placement, Lack of resources, Lengthy and pointless process to obtain permission for small tasks and so on…

Asit: First problem being unavailability of sufficient and well-equipped rooms for the placement drive. College needs to work in this area first. Companies are first approaching our college to conduct drives, but we refuse their proposal because of insufficient resources. Power is the important key factor for smooth conduct of works. But during power cuts and due to unavailability of a generator, we faced problems during most of the drives. Also, sanitation, the other important factor, is not maintained properly. With the passage of the time, in drive days, the toilets and floors do not remain hygienic anymore. In one word, it’s the lack of coordination that’s hampering our performance.


Adwesh: Dealing with the college administration. We are equipped and willing to take on any external challenges, however dealing with non-cooperating faculties and staffs acts as a demoralizing factor.”Against a thousand foes I can myself defend, Heavens protect me from a blundering friend”.


Shantanu: Lack of support from college authorities and the belief among students that you can get them a job because you are the PC.



  • Would you share your best cell experiences with us?

Sagar: My best cell experience was on 19th October 2017. Because the next day that is on 20th we had Vedanta recruitment drive and on 19th night it was raining heavily. It was too difficult to keep cell clean and neat. I and my cell mates had cleaned the floor whole night. Also, on Indian navy recruitment drive there was all Odisha strike. I rememberon that day whole of the Bhubaneswar was on strike, I and pritish went to the airport, receivedthe Naval officer and brought him on scooty.

Pritish Pradhan: Yes, I have lot of memories in the placement cell but the best part was when sir caught us while we were sleeping (bare bodies) on the couch.

Pritish Misra: Before becoming a PC, I used to hear alot many stories about how senior PC’s used to conduct a placement drive and that too TCS which requires a huge deal of effort, talking about a very good experience that I had was of TCS. I and Adweshhad taken full responsibility of handling the drive and both of us had slept in a chair and then preparing the rooms overnight with the help of juniors, we had to take charge since our fellow friends were sitting for this drive from the placement cell, overall it will remain a big experience for me because we had to handle the situation very delicately.

Manish: Every single minute spent in the cell is beautiful, The TPO sorry PIC (TPO may hurt the sentiments of principal), The juniors and the coordinators. The place itself is a heaven outside which there is a graveyard of assholes.

Sanghamitra: There are number of experiences to pen down. I had no proper knowledge of what a PC is. After working with so many PCs from various branches I got tons of managerial knowledge, lots of life experiences and millions of memories. And lastly your peer becomes such close friends and family, I can proudly say 12 best friends and 14 juniors turned out to be like a family to me.

Prabeen: The best experience is seeing the happy faces of my batchmates after getting selected in any of the campus recruitment drives. Like “Yes I have done something in my life” wala feeling. And working with other PCs is like u r on a mission and u have to succeed in that mission. Still i personally learnt a lot being a placement coordinator.

Prateek: Being in cell you experience the happiness on the face of your friends when they get recruited by any company. That’s an amazing feeling.

Nitish: Every moment in the cell was beautiful, starting from learning from the brother like seniors, delivering in the field and training the loving juniors. But the best moment was when our effort paid off and our friends got selected in any campus drive.

Adwesh: That is the time when professionalism kicks in. We neither morally nor prudentially justify any kind of undue favour to anyone in any case. It has often been difficult to turn your back on your friends seeking such favours, but that’s the way it has to be, that’s what you signed up for.


Shantanu: Best cell experience would be TCS placements.

Asit: In my third year, during TCS placement drives, all appeared students were eagerly waiting for their results late night also. After the declaration of the result, the cheerful smile on the selected candidates face were truly mesmerizing.I realized this better during my final year drives.


Abhishek: The best experience is obviously when the students get placed and that is most evident during TCS Campus recruitment. When you see that relief in your friends’ faces, you feel happy inside.



  • How is that feeling when everyone runs behind you requesting favours during drive especially those who had issues with you?

Sagar: Mostly I had experienced this thing a lot.I have seen how people went mad before the drive. They were like all things are known to a PC. But this is not 100% true. We knew something, but we had to keep those things confidential. People always ran behind us for a contact with the HR. They evenbribed us stating they will give me a treat after drive, but I kept strong by my rules and regulations.

Pritish Pradhan: It’s just your duty and you have to consult them in order to solve their problem. You don’t feel anything special for that.

Manish: Everyone runs behind you irrespective of the issue because they will have a work with you. You are of no use once the work is done. Most of the time, the only thing that people find to talk to you is about companies and their probable dates of campus visit. As if your mind is a read-only-memory calendar, as if there exists nothing at all about you. Slowly you will be used to it.

Shantanu: Feels good. Very good.

Sanghamitra: Feeling is like you are on the top of the mountain.Just kidding.You feel like you are a helping hand for them and I feel like it’s our duty to help them irrespective of the issues or person. Personal problemsare restricted to personal areas but here we are working for the whole batch without any difference.

Abhishek: Placement Coordinators don’t grant favours. We are rarely in a position to grant favours. It is always our intention to help the students in any way we can and hence it is not required for anyone to ask favours from us, it is our job. We can never be biased towards anyone even if we had issues with them in the past. We have to do our job regardless.


Pritish Misra: See here when a person is very much occupied with his work I don’t feel I ever had any such feeling of greatness within just because I am a PC because I know that a work of a PC is to serve and not to take pride in this post, being a PC is not an easy child’s play and nor the college pays us for work so I don’t find any reason why I should take pride for this, after all the happiness that you get after helping people (whosoever it may be) cannot be compared with anything.

Adwesh: I joined the cell just like an energetic toddler aiming to shoot for the stars. It was an opportunity to get acquainted with my awesome seniors and learn from them. We dreamt of changing the placement scenario of our college.

Prateek: If you’re a PC then you have to be neutral may it be your best friend or the guy you have issues with. You have to treat all equally. That’s the basics of placement cell.

Nitish: Fortunately, I didn’t have any issue with anyone but whenever any friend asked for favour I was always ready to help at my level without misusing the power.

Prabeen: See it’s always a great feeling when u get attention from people. But being the placement coordinator it’s your responsibility to do them the favour. And coming back to the case where I had issues with specific people, it doesn’t matter really. When it comes to career, an issue between that person and you seems negligible.

Asit: I always tried my best to reach my classmates, to develop a situation where I won’t favour anyone. Frankly speaking never ever thought of this that one information will reach a particular person first. Certainly, our ultimate goal, if we get some information about some placement drives, our batch-mates have equal rights to know them, guided me a lot.



  • What expectations you had before joining the cell and what all had you thought of doing in the cell?

Sagar: I joined T&P cell to learn something and to open up with everyone. I have learnt those things very well. Thanks to Dr S K Pradhan sir and my dear cell mates.

Pritish Pradhan: I had not expected anything but I had really hoped that this year we will give our best to the cell for the placement of our batch. We did well and gave more than 100% and without a second mass recruiter we managed to reach 315 in number.

Manish: You cannot expect anything from the cell. You live your life here and know the exact Indian lifestyle, politics and everything in that small room.


Shantanu: I didn’t expect cell to be a place where students get so much freedom to talk with teachers and decision makers. You sort of become an unpaid employee of the college.

Abhishek: Being a Placement Coordinator gives you the first-hand knowledge about the process since you get the time and proximity to clearly observe your seniors and hence you can be better prepared. That was probably my motivation. Placement Cell is in my view one of the only places in college where any meaningful work is done. I personally wanted to play a role in roping in new Companies – a task i which I sadly failed.


Nitish: I joined as PC to work for my friends and bringing companies for my branch but later I realized it’s not that easy to bring a new company. You have to establish a strong contact with the company for this and I’m expecting my juniors will get succeed in that.

Prabeen: “Respect and Appreciation”: these are the two things I want from the people for whom I work. And before joining the cell I was unaware of the pressure situations, responsibility, and expectations that a Placement Coordinator goes through. Now I know what it means to be a PC.

Prateek: Before joining the cell, I didn’t think much but after leaving the cell what I gained is a lot of real world experiences.

Sanghamitra: Personally, I didn’t have any expectations. I thought it to be just as a normal extra duty of a student. Cell work is like making list of eligible students based on eligibility criterion of particular firm and sharing it with them and for me sending thousands of emails in a year with numerous phone calls, I tell you,I never thought of it.

Asit: The kind of brotherhood I saw during 2016 batch was the stepping stone for me to take the decision to become placement coordinator. Thereafter in my third year I observed the works done by our placement team and seniors to conduct various placement drives. This inspired me to become a placement coordinator for our batch. Expectation then was to fulfill the expectation of batch-mates in terms of placement and to maintain a smooth communication channel between the students and the placement cell.  As a mechanical engineering student, I always thought of maximum students of our branch should get placed in non-software or core companies. These all thoughts drove me to the placement cell.


Pritish Misra: I had expected that the whole Placement cell team will try to achieve maximum no. of Placement and I thought I would personally build more and more contacts for my branch Placement and I am also a part of the alumni cell for which I have asked juniors to build a strong network of alumni which shall surely help in Placements,rest talking about the work it is managed every time provided the scenario that we get in a placement drive.


  • Now that your tenure is over, how do you feel? What will you miss the most about cell?

Sagar: Feeling very sad. I am going to miss those days I had spent over night in the cell. With my cell mates, juniors and with Sir. I left Bhubaneswar and now I am at home and it is like Kahan aa gaya Main, Kuch kaam Nahi hai, baith baith ke bore lag Raha hai, sir call Nahi Kar rahe Hain, koi Kuch kaam ke liye bol bhi Nahi Raha hai, kya ho Gaya sab, I’m high on emotions, I am missing everything.

Pritish Pradhan: A placement coordinator always remains the same. He never gets off duty, I will always be a placement coordinator may be not for my batch but surely, I will try to bring in the best companies for my juniors and college.  I will miss the experience which I had gained from the T&P cell. This is the best experience you can have in your life. It will turn a boy into a man.

Manish:The tenure of a placement coordinator is never over. It feels awesome to have such an experience. T&P cell is a legacy taken forward by different bunch of people and we have got the best juniors, that reduces the headache though.T&P Cell is in safe hands. Yes, we will surely miss it, we had spent the last 2 years in that room having infinite memories.

Shantanu: Your tenure as a PC is never over. Once a PC, always a PC.

Abhishek: Now that it’s over, I feel kind of relieved. But there is a lingering sadness when I think about all those people I could not help, those who went home empty handed. The life of a Placement Coordinator is tough as a hundred victories (offers for your classmates) pales in front of even one loss (a classmate remaining unplaced). I wish I could have done better.
The things that I would miss are the mentorship and insights of Dr S. K. Pradhan Sir –  he has taught us a lot. I would miss working with my mates and juniors.


Prateek: Now that our tenure is over, I feel really sad. I loved serving for CET and Placement Cell. What I will miss the most is those scolding from Pradhan Sir.

Nitish: It’s like now my watch is over. The most important person whom I’ll miss is Dr Saroj Kumar Pradhan sir, he has been a great mentor through these years. Another thing that I’ll miss is my friends,my team,my family in the placement cell and the bond that we have created there.

Adwesh: Now that my tenure is over, I feel relaxed to be relieved from active responsibility. However, a new kind of role as a PC alumnus begins where you are expected to provide external support and exposure. “Once a PC, always a PC. The role never ends.”

Prabeen: I really can’t believe that I’m never going to be a part of any activities that will be organised in CET. And mainly I’m never going to arrange a placement drive for my batch-mates. But the Placement cell is like a family to me and Dr S.K. Pradhan sir is like the best guide any student will ever have.Pradhan Sir I’m going to miss you the most.

Pritish Misra: I feel sad that I have to start with a completely different life now and that I have to leave behind this work of a PC(service) but I will always try to help my juniors come what may and then I will miss the family and love that I received from Placement cell and yes that peaceful room which somehow magically removes all noise stress and anxiety. Best place in CET to focus and analyse over stuff.

Sanghamitra: I feel like I retired from my service. My service as a PC ended but memories and experience will always stay with me.I will miss every corner of our cell from kind hearted ma’am with whom we exchanged a lot of memories to father of our cell (SK Pradhan sir), the teasing of Juniors and my batch mates and I will miss badly the food treat of the cell which we shared and ate together as a compensation of our work. Lastly, I will miss my brothers and sisters.

Asit: In my four years of engineering life, I was a member of three clubs, that is the technical club ASME CETB, the non-technical society NSS CETB and the placement cell. Certainly, the latter gave me a better identity.  Learned a lot from those four walls and got wide exposure and experience. Every beginning has got an end, our tenure has also come to an end, my life as a placement coordinator also. Team spirit, integrity, management skill, problem solving skill, interpersonal and communication skill,etc. are the primary qualities I got as a placement coordinator. The ultimate feeling, “Once a PC, forever be a PC.”


  • Few words for the T&P Cell

Sagar: Kaam karte jao, don’t wait for results. Result will be with you at the perfect time and you have to wait for that time.Jaise ho waise hi raho. You people always remain inside my heart. Try to overcome the problems occuring during placement drives, keep relationship well with all College supporting staffs, does not matter he is a security guard or professor, behaviour must be good.

Pritish Misra: Dear juniors kindly raise the bar for placement, make more alumni connections , you people are doing great and keep that spirit and don’t lose heart and yes don’t pay heed to what people will say, taunts are a part of your life so better take that criticism as an optimistic push and try changing yourself if you feel you need to, don’t be harsh on your batchmates , handle things coolly, and then try to keep the cell as a family and always have a back for your friends and help eachother out to perform successful tasks , rest CET will at times get down your nerves but never ever try to put your college down in front of anyone because you represent CET and CET is your college and you are ought to save its pride and glory being a student of it, keeppatience and just work.

Manish:While the whole college dreams of having at least one job for herself/himself, the placement coordinator has to think about getting his entire batch placed. Nobody will give you the credit of getting placed but everyone will blame you for their unplaced status.Do the work rest will be fine. Be skilled enough to be a placement coordinator but was crazy enough to love it.

Sanghamitra: Placement cell is not a cell it is an emotion.

Prabeen: It’s not a room where the Placement Coordinators do their work, Placement cell is an emotion. The place where the future of many students has been built and will be built. Do respect the cell and the cell members and Iknow if at all any problem arises which may affect the future of the students one man will always stand between the problem and the future of the student DrS.K.PRADHAN sir.

Nitish: Placement cell is like a temple and Pradhan sir is God there. I feel proud to be a part of this. And here the brotherhood prevails. We are like family here. The best thing ever happened to me in the college is placement cell. I would also like to thank other T&P members for their help,supportand the knowledge that they bestowed on us. I wish all the best to my juniors for their success and I know they will do better than us.

Abhishek: This is the most respectable establishment of the College. The T&P Cell is an enabler, it cannot please everyone. The Placement Coordinators and the Professors associated with it make many personal sacrifices to keep it going hence their efforts should be appreciated and any form of cooperation that can be extended should be extended. I would like to thank my batch-mates for letting me serve them. I wish I could have done better. Good luck to everyone.

Adwesh: The place where I have met most dynamic people, who are able to take up responsibility selflessly, trained to impact where it matters, able to deliver under pressure.It is a temple that trains samurais. May the integrity of the holy land be maintained.

Asit: Training and placement cell plays an important role in reflecting the image of a college. We as a team need to work together to enhance the quality of this image. Despite of all problems approaching in our way we need to stand strong without any favouritism and criticism. A good teamwork will always lead to success.


Prateek: T&P cell increases your maturity level. It teaches you to battle real life situations. T&P cell is the one which creates the first impression of any college. Hope that the cell remains intact and keeps on doing the good job.

Shantanu: The cell is the heart of the college. It carries the dreams of thousands of children. Without the cell, CET wouldn’t have been where it is today. There’s still a long way to go but I can see we are getting closer every year. Work hard, have fun and make history.

Pritish Pradhan: I have nothing to say about T&P cell, running short of words to describe it. It’s a temple for me with a God Dr Saroj sir. Nothing more to say about it!


hum saath sath hain!!




Every CETian is gonna miss you all!


We are proud of you people! Even if we thank you a thousand times, it won’t be enough. Yet, Thank You for the selfless work, for being so kind and dedicated in building careers of some hundreds of CETians. May you people achieve success in your life! Good luck.

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