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Xtasy 2k18-Day 3- The Theme Night

The darkness prevails!

No matter who wins or loses in a movie, most of the people we get mesmerized by, are super-villains! They are attractive and the evil, dark characters leaves a mark that no ordinary sidekick can.

This Xtasy witnessed a very special theme- SuperVillains. Admist the arena of paintings featuring several SuperVillains, the theme night also witnessed the beautiful damsels and the handsome gentlemen turning into something very evil. The darkness had started prevailing and the theme was loitering over the whole night.

Let us get glimpses of the darkness from this exclusive Red Carpet, that covers tip to toe of the theme night!


The Enchanting,Miss Elegance-Miss Ayushee Mohanty

Our Enchanting diva revealed her fashion statement as-

“Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.”


Miss SuperVillain or Miss prettiness, we are confused, Miss Neha Pandey

“Fashion is something that makes a person unique in their own way.”

Drooling over her look, we completely agree to her statement.


Mr.Eye-Catcher – Ashutosh Hota

He says,”A grey suit with a black tee always works out on a windy day.”

 Well,yeah! We hope you aren’t inviting too many stalkers with this look!



Our Vice President : Mr Sagar Samal.

We managed to catch him for a brief photo session, from his busy schedule, albeit in the Xtasy Tshirt, which is just the right fix.

His fashion statement :” True class constitutes of the confidence that you exude.”



A perfect amalgamation of beauty and just the right trend, Miss Abhipsa Kar !

About fashion and the outfit that she chose, she says : “They say when in doubt wear red, but I love black too. So thought of combining them both, and of course a shirt dress is effortlessly stylish for any occasion”

We’re sure you made many hearts sing with that combo of red and black, Miss Kar !



Mr Poojan Bagadia : in classic B&W

He has a fashion Mantra just like his style-

”People will stare,make it worth their while.”




The amazing couple,Miss Aishwarya Nanda and Mr. Siddharth Mishra

A piece of their mind about their fashion mantra for the evening as said by Mr Siddharth : ” The dark theme was reflected in the course of events that followed in tandem.We planned to be clad in denim. While I  looked casually cool, she was the perfect head-turner. Another Xtasy in togetherness culminates with rich glamour, high emotions and splendid memories”.

We second that .Denim can never go wrong !


Rocking the chic tie and formal shirt, Mr. Pritish Misra.

That ensemble amazingly flatters his tall frame, doesn’t it ?

When asked how he’d describe fashion he says ” I’ve never been a believer in trends as such, and mostly am nonchalant about them, but I do believe that whatever makes you confident, is sure to sail your boat”.



Miss Sanghamitra Behera, making heads turn with the ‘little black dress’

She couldn’t have gone wrong with the classic black pumps that she paired with her black OOTN, so apt for ‘the dark theme’.

Her fashion statement : “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”



Miss Lipsa Rath, the stunning damsel.

Adorning a lovely black fusion wear, she dazzled the evening.

She says, “What’s important for me is to be comfortable in what I wear. Here I paired a full sleeve kurti over jeans”.


Mr Chandan Kumar Lenka: good physique + style = awesomeness.

A fashion statement that the hunk abides by :  “Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquillity that no religion can bestow.” 


The cuties : Miss Sudipta Das and Mr Lakshyajit Laxmikant

They gave a fashion statement as adorable as they are “Colour coordinated silhouettes with your irreplaceable sweetheart can never go out of vogue”.


    Setting the temperature soaring : Miss Priyanka Behera and Mr Pragyan Prayas

They’re awfully good at complementing each other !

So what say about fashion ? They quote:

“Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style”



The endearing lovebirds : Miss Priyam Gupta and Mr Ankit Mohapatra.

She swears by the fashion statement: Be someone’s idea of perfect.”

to which he adds, “If she suggests it,just wear it!”

We totally dig the the complenting colours of the duo and the supervillain themed hoodie that Ankit adorns !



For more Red Carpet looks from the western night, stay tuned to CET Rising !



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