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Day 2- Xtasy 2k18 : Ethnic attire

By Sweta Tripathy

“Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak” It is your flaunting fashion sense and correct selection of attire which makes you stand out in the crowd. We are here to witness the bewitching divas and elegant gentlemen in their traditional look who had filled the night with glamour with their outfits.


Miss Elegance incarnate, Shirin Sonali !
She revealed her fashion mantra as follows

“For me, fashion is and always will be the ability to make the bare minimum look significant with just the right amount of sophistication.”






The handsome hunk, Ashirwad Pattanaik

He praises the ethnic attire in his different style as :

“One can show his pure energy through the vibrant colors of ethnic.”


Our very own beloved literary convener !! Shrika Agarwal

She defines fashion in her own elegant manner as :  “It may sound customary but according to me fashion lies in simplicity and comfort”.


The enchanting beauty, Sameera Rath

Her fashion statement is as innocent as she is!

” I was just experimenting and I just loved it!!”


The adorable duo!! Sanskriti mohapatra and Shantanu Kar

As they compliment each other.. Their fashion statement does the same :

“We never believed in ‘being in fashion or out of fashion’ . We believe in being confident in whatever we wear.”


The charming duo!!! Mrinaline Mishra and Mohit Agrawal
Their fashion statement reveals their beautiful nature

Mrinaline says “Simplicity is the secret of true elegance…”

Mohit adds to it saying “Fashion is “forget all rules; if u like it,  just wear it”.


The amazingly fantastic couple!!! Heramba paikaray and Aryashree Aradeepa
Their fashion statement is as superb as they are: Heramba defines fashion as  “Something you can carry off comfortably and be confident is fashion”
Aryashree contemplates deep and says “Fashion is the way of presenting yourself to the world. It is an instant language.”



The trendsetting couple!!! Akankshya Satapathy and Krishnakant Pandey
They have given as trendy a fashion statement as they are!

“Fashion is not a one day affair. It’s not just dressing up. It’s how you carry yourself even when you are not dressed the best.”



The cute and lovely couple Rashmita Behera and Prabeen kumar Behera
Their fashion statement is bold and beautiful

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”.


Our mesmerizing heartthrob, Rimzhim Mohanty.
She gracefully defined the beauty of a girl in Indian attire.

She said “Saree symbolizes Indian Culture and brings out elegance in every other girl who dons it. Just add up some accessories and there you go.”.


The quintessence of all spirits!!! Pritiparna Panda

.When asked about what fashion means to her, she quotes “In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.”


The captivating beauty, Megharanjani !

She has given an interesting fashion statement which says :

“Self confidence is the best outfit that one can wear. Rock it, own it. Even when your ‘pallu’ is out of control!”

A good samaritan junior, Satyajit Mohanty.

Satyajit’s thoughtful mind gave an elaborate description of fashion as : “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. But its not only about simplicity…but confidence with a simplified wardrobe comes from figuring out your own style and being happy with it.

For more red carpet looks, stay tuned to our page, we promise we’ll be back with more of the dazzlling stuff with covers of the theme and western night soon !

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