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Literary Festival 2k18

College of Engineering and Technology celebrated its first ever Literary Festival spanning over a duration of three days from 15th-17th February and saw the coming together of all like minded literary enthusiasts. The inauguration ceremony, held on the 15th of february was presided over by Dr L.N. Panda, Dr D.P. Bagarty and Dr Minakshi Prasad Mishra. The festival had an intriguing mix of events,  the literary society of Cetadel welcomed participation from other colleges as well which made it all the more exciting.



(Event cover by Isha pratiti Mohanty)

Creativity is the versatility that a person nurtures. The more you polish it, the more it shines. The first event​ of the much awaited 1st edition of CET “Literary Festival” named ‘ Creative Writing’, was a beautiful transformation of this thought.

The event marked the presence of 45-50 students from across all the branches of the college eagerly participating in the event. The competition had no time and word limits, each participant had to come up and pick a chit, where every chit had a different topic relating to which they had to pen down an article, story or poem.The participants also had the liberty to change their topics if they wanted to do so. The event continued for more than two hours witnessing some of the finest writings by students. The best writing from the competition will be published in the upcoming college magazine.
Letters perfectly align to form amazing writings!

(Event cover by Mamali Mohapatra)

Finally, the anxious wait for the most thrilling and exciting event of  CET LIT FEST came to an end with the QUORA MEET UP workshop by two most decorated personalities of Quora – NAMAN CHAKRABORTY & ALCATRAZ DEY. Naman Chakraborty is a techie turned entrepreneur and also the top quoran who writes mainly about Indian history and contemporary issues. Alcatraz Dey is a writer, novelist, blogger, editor and poet from India. His simplicity and generosity reflect in his speeches. He spoke about the misconception of happiness through four different tales which stated that perspective of happiness differs from person to person and every person attains it in their own way. He inspired us to live life in pursuit of happiness and derive contentment from it. He also spoke about his life, how writing showered him with bliss and peace rather than doing jobs or anything else. On the other hand, Naman Chakraborty highlighted our rich heritage and culture.He spoke of the glorifying past of Kalinga and enumerated the essence and importance of history in our lives.They also interacted with us and answered our queries amicably.They gave suggestions to enhance our personal as well as professional skills.They stated life’s happiness is not measured by the amount of money you earn but by the degree of contentment and satisfaction you achieve.Their charismatic temperament left a permanent fragrance of zeal and enthusiasm in our hearts and spirits.The workshop overwhelmed with huge participation of the students and faculties and finally ended on happy note clicking selfies and creating memories in the first workshop of Lit fest 2k18.
After a great beginning on the first day of the Literary Fest, the second day started with the Photography Workshop.
A big shout-outtt!

(Event cover by Tanisha Pradhan)

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.” – Irving Penn

Photography is an art of capturing reality and creating a bridge between past, present and future. The 2nd Day of the very first literary fest of our college witnessed a photography workshop under the guidance of the renowned photographer, Ar. Shakti Nanda. Mr. Nanda has established himself as an architect, an academician, a photographer, a naturalist, a resource person for photography, an avifauna conservationist and an expert tourist.

After a hearty welcome to our guest, the workshop commenced sharp at 11.30 am in the language lab III. The room was full of photography enthusiasts, willing to learn the skills and techniques from the professional himself. Ar. Nanda displayed few of his works to the audience which left everyone awestruck. The photographs seemed magical and utterly beautiful. He shared his deep study and knowledge about photography with the audience and also mentioned a few ‘always remember’ tips. He also shared the experience of his early days of photography and mistakes that are vernacular to many. It was a very fun and interactive session for all. The time seemed to gallop as no one was done adoring the pictures clicked by Ar. Nanda. The session came to an end at 1.30 pm followed by the felicitation to our guest by Mr. Sreemanta Kumar Tripathy Sir.

A lot to learn!


(Event cover by Pratikshya Pattnaik)

‘ Cinema is the art and science of portraying the visions out of vivid imagination in reality embellished with the language of dreams and the voice of souls . ‘

Day 3 of the literary festival of our college paved way for one of the most zestful event of cinematography workshop .The chief speaker of the event was renowned film director Soumendra Padhi acclaimed for his movie ‘Budhia Singh-Born to Run’. The workshop commenced at 2 pm and went for nearly 3 hours and harbored an engrossing interactive session between the guest and the students .The inquisitive young minds popped up various question about the art and technique of film making , which were quite enthusiastically answered by Mr Padhi. Apart from answering queries  related to technical aspects of movie making , some other questions that involved the present and future prospects of Indian cinema were also entertained by him. From Pyasa to Padmavaat , from hollywood to rustic bollywood masala movies , from censorship to Oscars ,the engineer turned cinematographer conversed on almost all the topics of cinema . We also got to hear his view points on the present scenario of Odia film industry where he encouraged the youths to take up the challenge of uplifting it and giving it a new recognition . Apart from it he shared his grand vision of portraying the tale of Konark and some other unexplored legends of Orissa on the silver screen . The success of the event delineates  that cinema is imbibed  within the heart of each and every Indian . In future we hope to host such events and witness a huge participation .

Trust me they couldn’t afford winking!


(Event cover by Dibyajit Bardhan)

When you hear the word ‘Lok Sabha’, an eclectic range of images tickle the grey cells – the civilised person in you is visualising a congregation of politicians exercising legislation in plain white clothes, the statistician in you is laughing at the awful attendance, the political scientist in you is analysing the substandard political demeanour on display, the number-lover in you is screaming 552, the optimist in you is busy framing a better future, the debater in you is smiling to himself imagining tactful rhetorical ploys on offer, but we can all safely agree on the fact that whenever we hear the word ‘Lok Sabha’, we invariably conceive a bleak image of politicians arguing ungracefully, at times going to the extent of hurling solid objects – the ugly looking projectile!. It fills me with immense joy to claim that CET LOK SABHA 2018, in its very first edition, was a simulation of the actual parliament for sure, but proceeded in a fashion that inspired true grace and showcased the right spirit of debating. CET LOK SABHA was the flagship event of CET Literary Festival 2018, the first of its kind in our college. It was held on the 16th and 17th of February. The agenda was fixed on the following two topics :

  1. Possible Provisions for Right to Privacy and Protection of sexual orientation under part 3 of the Indian Constitution.
  2. Uniform Civil Code with emphasis on THe Muslim Women( Protection of Rights of Marriage) Bill, 2017

Sensing the wave of excitement among students, the executive committee ensured that the participants were allotted their preferred portfolios beforehand. As a result, a fine list of students from various colleges containing both members representing the govt. as well as the opposition was obtained.

DAY: 1

All was set, and the sabha finally came to life with the executive board comprising Mr.Sabyasachi Samal (Speaker), Ms. Sushma (Deputy Speaker), Ms. Adyasha Mishra (Chief, Indian National Press), Mr. Kaustav Bose (President) and Ms. Shirin Sonali (Coordinator), arriving at B-407 and laying down the rules and procedures for the proceedings of the sabha. Every participant was intent on absorbing the rules as if the winner was going to be decided on its basis. Humor apart, the briefing was lucid spanning each and every term like opening statement, discussion hour, question hour, zero hour, starred and unstarred chits, the various points, the motion of privilege etc. Having briefed about the procedures of the house, the speaker declared the house open. The first half of the first day could only accommodate an interesting ‘Opening statement’, delivered by ten members, five from the govt. and five from the opposition. Some were keen to go for the motion of privilege in the opening statement itself, which speaks of the exotic levels of intensity they had. This was followed by lunch.

Having renewed their energies, participants went all guns blazing in the Discussion hour that took place in the second half. The agenda of the Discussion hour was determined by ‘consensus on ‘Right to Privacy as a fundamental right, AADHAR’ and Uniform Civil Code. The debate carried such momentum that it was hard to distinguish the participants from their seemingly seasoned political theories. The flurry of exchange was a sheer treat for all those who admire the good old-fashioned style of debating. Owing to the lack of time, the house was adjourned, but not without a promise that the second day was going to be super exciting.

DAY 2:

The discussion hour continued with full flow. Amlan representing Rahul Gandhi proposed a bill which ( not surprisingly 😉 ) got the required votes for the bill to be passed. The detailed bill is given below :



                                                                                   BILL NO. 1 OF 2018



To further amend Aadhar Bill 2016

Be it enacted in the parliament in the 69th year of the Republic of India.



  1. Amendments in form of the opt-out clause should be added to Aadhar bill into the clause 3 of the bill that allows a backdoor for the citizens who decides to opt out of Aadhar facility.
  2. All data including authentication records as well as demographic and biometric information pertaining to such individual should be destroyed.


 (Amendment 2) MODIFICATION OF NATIONAL SECURITY CLAUSE 33 IN THE AADHAR BILL 1. The term “National security” in clause 33 should be amended to “Public emergency”. Which will safeguard the personal details of the citizens from being misused by government bodies. 2. A committee should be formed that should have members from both government and supreme court appointed members that will pass the Aadhar data access requests from the government bodies to prevent misuse.


(AMENDMENT 3) COMPLYING AADHAR BILL WITH ARTICLE 21 OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION 1. Aadhar bill should be made flexible to supreme court judgment NO. 497 issued on 24 August 2017 making privacy as a fundamental right 2. Modification in clauses of the bill should be made that comply with the ARTICLE 21 CLAUSE III of the Indian Constitution.


 (AMENDMENT 4) INSERTING VOLUNTARY CLAUSE INTO AADHAR BILL 2016 1. Referring to the supreme court judgment made on May 9, 2017, on petition number 494 of 2012 in the case of justice k puttaswamy vs union of India Aadhar card is purely voluntary and shouldn’t be forced upon the citizens of this country. 2. The government shouldn’t try to enforce Aadhar on beneficiaries of various government schemes. A person should be entitled to avail the benefit of the scheme by producing a document for the same.


                                                                                                RAHUL GANDHI

                                                                                     (Leader of opposition Lok Sabha)


Discussions on the second agenda involving Uniform Civil Code ensued. The legalities of Triple Talaq and the Muslim Marriage act was mooted at length. During this, the govt. proposed a bill, the details of which are provided below :



Bill No.  2 of 2018



To further amend The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2017

Be it enacted in the Parliament in the 69th year of the Republic of India




  1. Whoever enforces talaq and exercises actions that assault the basic human rights of the wife, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term extending up to three years.




  1. A married Muslim woman upon whom talaq is forcefully enforced and is forced to leave her husband’s house shall be entitled to receive financial support from the family if upon the decision of the judiciary the husband faces imprisonment.
  2. In case the husband is incapable of providing the subsistence allowance, the Government will ensure the economic stability of the wife till the period of imprisonment of her husband.



  1. Whether it will be bailable or non-bailable will be decided on a judicial basis depending on the intensity of assault, as will be decided by the judiciary.




This bill didn’t gather the required number of votes, thus proving unsuccessful.


After some meaningful mooting over the last couple of days, it all came to an end as the house was declared closed by the speaker.


The Results :


The opposition won.

Amlan Samal (Rahul Gandhi) of RU was adjudged the best delegate.

Pratisruti Sahoo (Sonia Gandhi) of BJB bagged the ‘High Comm’ award.

Special Mention was awarded to Megha Mishra (Narendra Modi) and Rounak Agarwal (Ram Vilas Paswan).


It’s nice to see Rahul Gandhi winning something, isn’t it?



(Event cover by Subhendu dash)

What could have been a better end to an extravagant and pompous event which penned down an everlasting memory in the minds of the audience?
The event which was unfurled on the 15th of this month deserved a befitting end.The last mega event fullfiled exactly the need of the hour.
The showstopper event was scheduled at 5 o clock in the evening.The eyecatching part was its venue.Unlike other events it wasn’t conducted in any opulent stage rather it was conducted with the masses at the Sac area.There was a great sense of curiosity among the students whether the event would live up to their expectations.
The ‘OPEN MIC” event was performed by the” BHUBANESWAR COMEDY CLUB”.THEY were slow to begin with but as they drew pace they presented an awesome show.The cunning jokes ,artistic sarcasm,unrivalled humour blended together won the heart of the audience.They touched a lot number of topics including politics,glamour and even subjects from our day to day life.
The audience laughed their hearts out and the signature comments provided an extra dose of laughter.


He made the comedy fever go high!

Before bidding adieu they had already provided an hour of complete entertainmentThe event shall surely be cherised by CETIANS for a long time.



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