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Athletic meet 2k18


“You will be nearer to heaven through Football than through the study of Gita”
These were the words of one of the greatest soul Mother India has produced Swami Vivekananda.This statement justifies the significance of sports and physical activities in our daily life. Keeping up the spirit CET-B had conducted its annual athletic meet on 16th and 17th January this year.
The inaugural ceremony was scheduled in the first half of the day. A large number of athletes had turned up for the events with great enthusiasm.The event was presided over by our honourable Principal and in his presence the torch was lit up which symbolized the unity and sportsman spirit among the Cetians.
Firstly the trials were conducted and the selected contestants were shortlisted for the finals.
The events kicked off with the throwing events which included Boys shortput throw and and Girls discus throw.The winners are:
Boy’s shortput
1st Soumya Ranjan (CE 1st year)
2nd Omkar Jaypuria (,1st year)
3rd Ankit Kumar Singh(EE 3rd year)
Girls Javelin throw
1st Biswsweta Singh(FT1st year)
2nd Runulipsa Barik(CE 3rd year)
3rd Qp Sonali Tudu(TE 1st year)
Following these there were the track events which are: Girls 400 m and Boys 400m race.
The winners are:
Boys 400m
1st Rajesh Ranjan(B Arch 3rd year)
2nd Chinmay Nath (CE 2nd year)
3rd Bireswar das(B Arch 3rd year)
Girls 400m
1st Sumitra Swain(TE 1st year)
2nd Pravasini Patra(I&E 3rd year)
3rd Malho Hansdah(CSE 2nd year)
The events which followed were girls discuss and Girls long jump
The winners are…
Girls discuss throw
1st Runulipsa Barik(CE 3rd year)
2nd Isani Sathpathy(FT 1st year)
3rd Sweta Sahoo( I&E 3rd year)
Girls long jump
1st Sushree Debasmita Kar(TE 1st year)
2nd Kirtishree Pradhan(BT 3rd year)
3rd Sumitra Swain(TE 1st year)
Then came the most awaited events of the athletic meet i.e. the teachers events which signifies a close bonding between teachers and students.The audience beholded a great sight as teachers competed among themselves.
Last but not the list was the Bulkathon in which heavyweights students participated in the race
The winner list includes
1st Ankit Kumar Singh (EE,3rd year)
2nd G subramaniam Dora(M tech 2nd year)
3rd Soyam Mohanty (I &E 3rd year)
Collectively the atheletes showcased a majestic display of talent.The day ended on a high note and promised great things to come on the 2nd day of the event.


The day 2 of the Annual Athletic Meet-2K18 kick started with the same zeal as that of the
Day 1. The sports bonanza commenced sharp at 8 A.M with the qualifiers of 400m race for
boys followed by the finals of 800m for girls. The racing events seemed no less than a death
race to the spectators with the participants competing to touch the finishing line first.
Winners for 800m (girls)
1 st – Runulipsa Barik (CE 3 rd year)
2 nd – Sumitra Swain (TE 1 st year)
3 rd -Sushree Debasmita Kar (TE 1 st year)
The athletic meet also witnessed long jump events for both boys and girls. The participants
seemed no less than shooting stars landing touching the ground gracefully.
Winners for long jump (boys)
1 st -Aryanshu Panda (CE 3 rd year)
2 nd -Rajesh Kr Behera (B.Arch 3 rd year)
3 rd – Jyoti Ranjan Behera (CE 2 nd year)
Following the jumping event was the finals for 200m for boys.
Winners for 200m (boys)
1 st –DS Ashutosh Majhi (BT 1 st year)
2 nd – Dibya Kr Naik (I&E 2 nd year)
3 rd – Stitha Pragyan Subhransu (I&E 1 st year)
After a short refreshment break the participants were again back on track warming up for
the events to come. The 2nd half of the athletic meet had many more nail biting events in
store. The head start for the 2nd half was the finals for 400m (boys).
Winners for 400m (boys)
1 st – Rajesh Ranjan (B.Arch 3 rd year)
2 nd -Chinmay Nath (CE 2 nd year)
3 rd -Bireswar Das (B.Arch 2 nd year)

Then came the most exciting event- the discus throw for boys. The spectators were awed
by the strength show and the techniques applied for discus throw.
Winners for discus throw
1 st -Kanhu Charan Mallick (M.Tech 1 st year)
2 nd -Omkar Jaypuria (M.Tech 1 st year)
3 rd -Ankit Ku. Singh (EE 3 rd year)
Then came the event for our jumping jacks, the high jump for both girls and boys. It definitely
proved what marvellous sprinters we have in our college.
Winners for high jump(boys)
1 st -Ajit Ku Sahu (BT 1 st year )
2 nd -Ankit Jena (CSE 2 nd year)
3 rd -Hrusiram Swain(EE 3 rd year)
Winners for high jump(girls)
1 st -Swarnaprabha Panigarhi (B.Plan 2 nd year)
2 nd -Sumitra Swain (TE 1 st year)
3 rd -Subhalaxmi Khamaree (3 rd year)
The 100m for boys had the finals.
Winners for 100m (boys)
1 st -DS Ashutosh Majhi (BT 1 st year)
2 nd -Rajesh Ranjan (B.Arch 3 rd year)
3 rd -Kiran Mana(ME 4 th year)
The closing event for the athletic meet was the inter branch relay race for boys. What a
wondrous end to the meet it was!!!!
Winners for relay
1 st – I&E
2 nd -B.Arch
3 rd -Mechanical

Though it was a two day event, yet it gave an experience of a lifetime not just to the
participants but the spectators as well. The enthusiasm and sportsmanship displayed by our
participants made everyone a winner.

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