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Welcome to the Forum
The Students’ Forum is a department within the Division of Student Affairs, and, in partnership with the Student Union Advisory Board, and is responsible for the management of the Students’ Forum facility.
Students’ Forum Mission Statement:-
As an integral part of the educational mission of the College of Engineering and Technology, the Students’ Forum provides services and facilities for students, faculty, alumni, and guests.
Our leaders, are amply foresighted and have monumental goals for our progress and well-being of the institution, and for the family residing be it students or faculty members.
The Goals:- 
•Promote student engagement, leadership and learning, by the creation of opportunities for participation in a diverse array of programs, activities, and employment.
•Foster interaction among University constituency groups and guests. And to provide a safe, accessible, and welcoming environment for the campus community.
•Offer amenities that enhance campus life including dining options and a variety of services for the campus community and to establish a few things for good including,
1. Installation of dustbin all around the college campus
2. Proper Parking area
3. Demarkation of the Sports Complex
4. Extension of the canteen area
5. Internet Service
6. Installation of floodlights
And the list goes on and beyond; doesn’t really show the inadequacies of college, rather the will to cover an extra mile to make the life of students easy, for smooth functioning and advancement of college.
•Make college competent to “Response of change”, and a new idea or proposal receives adequate attention that it deserves. “
•Ensure all the events conducted is paid for, it’s importance, and not just conducted for the sake of it. And most importantly, to make sure, students do what they want to do, while they excel in it and enjoy, their college life, both hand in hand.”
•Provide more and more funds to the deserving projects both in matters of sports or technical fields so that students do follow through and don’t miss out on opportunities. Hence, to motivate students to participate in huge figures in technical and sports events, throughout the country, owing to a big achievement.
•Sports community of the college to be flaired and brushed with required gold-dust. New talents to let shine and verve be polished.
•Develop relationships between seniors and juniors, students and faculty members and most importantly develop alumni relationships. Because “United we stand, divided we fall.” These are the most important legs of the chair that we call, an institution, i.e. our CET.
•Promote school spirit and pride in the institution.
•Make CET India’s one of the most premier University.
•Changing the notion of students, and overturning the statement “THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE IN CET” to “EVERYTHING YOU THINK OF, IS POSSIBLE IN CET IF ITS POSSIBLE IN OTHER COLLEGES”.
The glory of our leaders:
When I interviewed few of our forum members, they came up with, out-of-the-box solutions of the agendas we face in CET daily and everything that can be done to curb ’em. The problems were practical and solutions, grounded!
There’s a reason they are, where they are.
Our leaders are our torch-bearers, our mentors, our guides. The agendas put forward by most of them will not only fascinate you but also push you into deep-pondering.
They’re so innovative, with required zeal, and a clean and sharp motive to.. “make a change”. With your help, they happen to accomplish what they’re there for. And, we happen to live in a better-CET, for remaining of our academic years.
Such is the flair of our leaders.
Let’s join hands, today to make the required change, and turn our goals into reality!
Student’s Representatives:






Aditya Padhi, IT







 Sagar Chandra Samal, BT






 General Secretary

Divyeen Deep, IT






General Convenor

Shivananda Pradhan, ME










Cultural Secretary

Ankit Agarwal, CE







Cultural Convenor

Nirmal Chandra Behera, I&EE










Sports Secretary

Arpit Kumar Bhal, I&EE






Sports Convenor

Millan Roshan Sahoo, I&EE









Technical Secretary

Ashutosh Hota, CSE











Technical Convenor

K. Sanjay Reddy, EE








Literary Secretary

Debabrata Pramanik, EE






Literary Convenor

Shrika Agarwal, I&EE










NSS Secretary

Ashirwad Pattnaik, I&EE





NSS Convenor

Shikha Mahapatra, CE











SAC Incharge

Sohan Prasad Sahoo, ME






Campus Beautification Incharge

Pratit Kumar Das, B.Arch





Something that we discovered is that the Forum works to partner with the students. It is a service Forum instead of a governing Forum. You will always have their back.

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