Interviewed: “Striking chords of conversation with Amrita Amrutayanee.”

“One good thing about music, when it hits you; you feel no pain.”

They say talent is God gifted and no wonder it is a true fact. CET being a hub of talents, recently we interviewed one of the best talents: a singing sensation of our college also known as nightingale of CET, Miss Amrita Amrutayanee Nanda. Her sweet enchanting voice is not hidden from anyone but after bagging the “second runner-up in voice of Odisha” she surely has made CET proud.

Our chat with her was surely a memorable one-

  • What transition of change has Amrita gone through in college after bagging the second runner-up in voice of Odisha when compared to her first year days at CET.

No big change. It’s just that I am a bit famous in college these days. Everyone is proud of me in the college which I am really glad about. I believe “being down toearth is the key to success” and I would like to follow it, always!

  • When did you start singing and which musician inspires you the most?

I started singing at an early age but I took proper singing lessons when I was in class seven. “My mother has always been a support system in my singing journey”. In-fact my entire family is quite concerned about my singing.

Musician, A.R Rahman sir inspires me the most. Sunidhi Chauhan ma’am has always been my idol. Also, Ira Mohanty ma’am is one of my favourites from the ollywood industry.

  • How many hours do you practice in a day and what do you exactly practice?

Mostly I manage to riyaz for one to two hours a day. Of course again; I do not get time to practice every day “after all I have a hectic schedule”- but somehow everything falls into place. I Specifically practice: Hindustani Vocallearn new techniques, new songs and try improve my singing skills daily so, that I get finer and grow every day.

  • How was your experience at voice of Odisha?

It was a good learning space. Every person out there had same passion i.e, singing. Everyone had a similar taste in music. We had lots of rehearsals and time to time coaching which made us better so that we outshine every performance.

  • How do you handle with nervousness?

Everyone gets nervous but you should never let nervousness rule you. I always try to be consistent with my performance. I believe, “little nervousness and more confidence is the key for a great performance.”

  • Fondest musical achievements-

Some of my fondest achievements includes-

In 2009, I bagged the Rajya Puraskar from Murlidhar Chandrakant Bhandare ( former Governor of Odisha ), I have also been an All India radio artist and after that I got into voice of Odisha, which was indeed a shocker.

  • Apart from singing, what other hobbies do you have?

Apart from singing I love reading novels. I was also into cricket in my teen years but then I left it. Also, singing is not my hobby it is my passion!

  • What are your plans after graduation?

Singing will always be a part of my life. My preference will always be singing but then “you never know where life will take you and what is going to come” I would always like to “go with the flow.”

  • Right now what opportunities have you got in the field of singing?

After voice of Odisha I have signed an album and I have got a chance to sing in a movie. Also, I have done a stage performance with Mr.Rituraj Mohanty which was an unbelievable opportunity.

  • What is your go to style statement and what is fashion according to you?

My go to style statement has always been a pair of denim with a quirky T-shirt. Also, red lipstick is a must for me.

I define fashion as comfort. Wear whatever you’re comfortable with and rock the day.

  • Message for CETians…

Trust your potentials and always have a dedication towards your work. Believe your intuitions for they never lie. Proceed with confidence; you can surely achieve your goals because nothing is impossible.

  • Before signing off, what is your life “mantra”?

My life mantra is pretty simple, “keep going with the flow, your time will come.”

With this it was an end. We wish Miss. Amrita loads of luck and blessings to achieve more success and make CET proud.

Until next time

Thank you

Interviewed by, Amruta Kar and M.Soundarya (F&AT, 3rd year)

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