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C.E.T as an Autonomous Institution

“An independent body procreates an independent nation “

Independence is not a reward. At times it is a right earned after accomplishment of desired objectives. It is a tool that enables a body to exercise its own ideas and present the world with something grandiose. 11th September, 2017 though an ordinary day in the Calendar, it withholds an extraordinary achievement in the history of CET. It is the day on which the feather of autonomy was added in the cap of CET. The University Grant Commission(UGC) granted CET autonomy for a span of 10 years .
College Of Engineering And Technology Bhubaneswar, established in the year 1981 has been a prestigious and recognized institution for imparting quality technical education in the field of engineering in Odisha. Till date it has created some of the competent minds in the field of engineering, innovation, administration and entrepreneurship. Its alumni have illuminated the name and fame of the college in every sector and have successfully established themselves in every nook and corner of the world .
In spite of producing exemplary alumni and possessing able, proficient faculties and a proper management, CET has struggled quite enough to carve its own niche as an independently operating institution. Since its inception CET had been under the tutelage of Orissa University Of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT). From January 2002 it became a part of Biju Pattnaik University Of Technology (BPUT).
Being a constituent college of BPUT, CET had limited freedom and access to various funds and other privileges that was enjoyed by its contemporary colleges. Apart from that, the irregularities and mismanagement in conduction of examinations by BPUT worsened the situation. Delay in the publications of results, issue of certificates, inappropriate markings and faulty grades added to the plight of CET and its fellow students. Hence this paved the way for another challenge, securing autonomy of CET from BPUT.
In the meantime the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) team had numerous visits to college. After careful evaluation of every aspect, our college was finally accredited by NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL (NAAC). After a lot of tireless striving by our faculties, students, management, staff and our honorable Principal sir Dr PK Patra, CET at last gained its autonomous status and partial liberation from BPUT.
However this does not mark the end of our struggle. Being an efficiently functioning institution from the past 37 years CET does not merely deserve an autonomous tag .It is worthy of being a unitary university. In our state where nascent engineering colleges have managed to be addressed as deemed university within meagre time and success, it is highly unfortunate in our part to have not yet gained our university status.
That very day when CET is elevated as a unitary university there will be advent of a new sunrise in the field of technical education in Odisha and we shall advance in the path of progress .

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