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“ We are Indians, firstly and lastly”- Dr. B.R Ambedkar

Two hundred years of struggle, a chain of historic events, sacrifices made beyond imagination and to all the unsung heroes, Independence Day is a tribute to all those brave hearts. CET today witnessed the 71st Independence Day celebration, with all glory and pride. The event commenced with our Tiranga being hoisted and national anthem sung by everyone present. “Jai Hind” and “Vande Matram” was echoing at every corner. A parade by the security personnel, dressed in their uniform was a sight to behold. A show of their strength and oath to dedicate their lives to the service of nation and safeguard of all common people.


Flag hoisting by our Principal Sir




Parade by our security personnel





This was followed by an inspiring speech by our respected principal sir, commemorating the sacrifices made by our patriots and freedom fighters and calling up to our youth to remember the same and work towards the development and welfare of our nation. Also he appreciated all the efforts and dedication made by the teachers, fellow staffs and students for the successful execution of the event.



A glimpse of nukkad natak by team Amuza


A melodious chorus reminiscing the freedom struggle was presented by our very own Arpeggio team. The next was a heartfelt speech by one of our cetians, Satyajit Mohanty . Then came in the most awaited Nukkad Natak by the Amuza team on the theme ‘Mera desh mahan’. A very good presentation depicting our unity in diversity and the journey of our struggle to freedom.  The zeal and the enthusiasm with which the performance was given, was enough to highten the spirits of everyone present. The audience could not stop praising and cheering for Team Amuza. Special mention to the excellent anchoring by Kaustuv Bose and  Sohini RoyChoudhury. The day marked its end with lots of mesmerising moments to cherish and  distribution to food packets.

(Event covered by Tanisha Pradhan, 2nd Year)


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