Shifting tides of relationships

We live in an incredibly exciting time, where we have the freedom to choose what suits us best. Now we are more affluent, more individualist. Women are more independent. The internet makes finding like-minded peeps easier. The more fast-moving modern society becomes, the less relevant a relationship is to our survival.
As we grew up, definition of relationships changed.
From two-people business, it has now become more of multiple people affair.
Talking about the times when ladies would get married to grooms they’ve never seen, figuratively pushing them off to a world, they never knew, existed.
The torment, the torture of being with somebody you never loved or wanted to be with, the entire life. Two people unaware of eachother’s existence  beforehand tend to have compatibility -issues. This is a given. But the social stigma kinda made it mandatory for them to strive under same roof, though not in eachother’s heart. What’s the point of striving with someone who’s existence brings you unhappiness. And for marriage, it has to be more of a binding phenomenon rather than shattering one.
Ever wondered why number of divorce cases have surprisingly risen ? Have we always been contended with the selection of spouses our family made for us? Rather than battling for it, we kept quiet.
Well, gone are the days when people accepted their fate as and how given to them.
People these days prefer keeping various options open. Not that, everyone’s happy sticking to one disappointing relationship the entire life time , it’s just that people din’t seem to have an option back then, but to accept the fate as given. Now people have become more up-and-coming and believe in doing a good amount of research before placing their daughter’s hands in that of some goon’s . Though technology’s have played a great role in, providing platforms, be it matrimonial sites or dating sites, this was never about technology rather perception. Yes, people have become very outgoing these days and welcome all possibilities rather than squeezing the thoughts, due to society’s dismay.  And now that your partner is just a “swipe” away , why would you wanna give it a miss anyway ?
Trying, experiencing and then selecting , is the new way of scouting your partners these days .
And while this change is embraced most energetically by younger generations, it is also visible in other parts of society — viz liberated women in their sixties who are done with picking up socks.
                                                                                            -Swetleena Zenith

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