Reflections, they always come to me and abnegate me to the world where I belong or I can say where I want to be. Why do they have such ardent and efficacious impact on me? Like a glacier on the top of a mountain, whenever some part of the glacier melts and took the shape of a small stream and all those memories now emerge in the form of a stream which has no bounds or diminution. And as the stream of memories flowed down the mountain: full of spirits, enjoying the joyous fruits of the gifts of life that it had once received.

The memories that one have of their childhood can’t be erased from their mind and it is kept safe inside a small part of our heart which pops out whenever we become adult and start commemorating  those beautiful moments. From hiding behind the curtains during hide and seek to reluctant behavior while sharing our things with others was the moment of life then. As I see through the pictures, I thought the camera had captured the best moments of life and perceived the bitterness of life that it can’t hold on that moment and revert it back to those days. The innocence is all lost and the mind has taken place of heart. The irony is that once we were told by our parents to speak truth but now they only lie to get their works done. Between being an obedient student to a citizen who doesn’t even care at the thought of littering this is how we all grew up. Suddenly the stream found its way block by a huge rock and this is how I was taken back and made me realize how I grew up. The memories tried frantically to move aside the obstacle and continue its path but all in vain the destiny gave career and life more importance. Even the glimpses of the past survived but hectic life swallowed such moments whenever it used to overpower itself. Soon there was a call from behind, I woke up to the call and soon realized it was all a dream and can never return to its previous life and accepted my defeat over the laws of nature.


-Megha Priyadarshini

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