Since time immemorial, mankind has traversed  great paths to create a civilization. In this path science,technology,literature,arts,music,dance and drama have converged
together to constitute our culture. Dance , music and dramatics have always been an indispensable part of our culture since ancient times .They have not only positively influenced our culture but have also aptly shaped our society.In order to carry forward this lineage of our heritage and as a gesture of welcoming the freshmen, the cultural society of our College recently presented a beautiful showcase of performances by each individual club of CET- The music club, Arpeggio , The drama club- Amuza and The Dance club -TDA.The event started around 1:30 pm at the SAC area and experienced a huge surge of students.The performance of each  club was remarkable and gained huge round of applauses by every CETian present to witness the aura.
“Music is that art of living that fuels the soul to comprehend the emotions residing in sounds”.
 The First event of the day was presented by Arpeggio , the music club of CET.

It commenced with an enthralling performance on the song “dil kya kare jab kisi se” by Ankita Swain and Swayamaryam Behera.It was followed by some more evergreen enchanting songs by Miss Priyanka Priyadarshini.The entire crowd swayed along with the rhythm and the songs.

Performance by Arpeggio members
The performance of Arpeggio was immediately followed by an amazing skit of Amuza ,the official dramatics society of CET. Mr.Amitash Nanda gave an absolutely stunning
solo act.The pain,the agony portrayed in his act literally made every heart melt down. The concluding performance hovered around the delineated fake babas,
thus emphasizing on the most popular and talked about topics going on.
After Amuza,the crowd welcomed the most happening and zestful club of CET ,The Dance Authority. TDA put forward an astounding dance performance by the
Shangri -La girls.They were succeeded by a solo dance and group dance from other members of TDA .
                 After the hustle and bustle of performances, the event ended with the rhythmic applaud of the audience and echo of claps surrounding the whole canteen area. The freshers could vizualise a rough blue print of an amazing journey of next four years on experiencing the amazing event. The event was the much needed break from the gloomy busy schedule of college and everybody was delighted to be a part of it.

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