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Engineer’s Cup 2K17

The biggest sporting extravaganza of 2k17 started with a bang as 15th March heralded the beginning of Engineer’s Cup. It was three days of sheer adrenaline and awesomeness as teams from all over Odisha battled it out for the ultimate title! Let’s have a look at the various events!

(By Shweta Choudhury and Sarthak Sarangi)




The countdown to the 2017 Engineer’s Cup football season was much awaited, as spring practices and position battles for spots to the finale were on the depth.
It’s no surprise a handful of talented teams participated, ready to push for the title.Needless to say, football season at CET started with a bang!
CET-A, IHM, GIET-B, IGIT, GITA, GEC were the leaders of their respective groups and qualified for the next round.
CET-A, GIET-B, IGIT and GEC qualified for semis with CET and IGIT cruising to the finals. CET indeed made a spectacular comeback in the semis from 1-0 down to 2-1!

With hundreds of supporters and amusing commentary, the finals started. Well, when they catch fire, the CETians can bury opponents fast but doing the same against IGIT wasn’t easy.IGIT offered a much stiffer challenge. The first half was all about CET’s attack and gameplay.  But IGIT gained momentum in the second half and with a beautiful free kick by one of their players, IGIT were leading CET. With a goal in hand, IGIT aptly “parked the bus”  and killed off time with their possession-based play.
But in the end, IGIT became winners.So IGIT scored a ‘hat-trick’ of winning Engineers Cup at CET. Seems like running big teams out of the arena in March is becoming second nature to IGIT. But let’s not be disheartened CETians for we can work hard and play hard to break this streak.

They say Football is not a game but a religion. And CETians play football with their body, heart and soul. So that day isn’t far when the Engineer’s Cup will be in our clutch.



(By Vikash Chowdhary and Aman Prasad)

Sports are not just a means of entertainment but also a method by which human beings experience the power of teamwork, perseverance, patience, temperament and physical fitness. Volleyball is a sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team’s court under organized rules. Tough fights, powerful smashes and great blocks make this sport more interesting.

In this year’s iteration of Engineer’s Cup 2k17, a total of 14 teams participated in men’s volleyball, out of which two teams were from CET.
This year too, CET-B with hopes to preserve their winning streak from last year’s Engineer cup, in which they bagged the winning trophy, defeated the IGIT SARANG team in the finals. This year, the level of volleyball was better than its previous versions.
It was a knockout match tournament in the league rounds in which every teams showed their commendable coordination and several smashes to reach the semifinals. Four teams (CET-B, IGIT SARANG, ITER & RITE) qualified for the semifinal round. In the 1st semifinal, CET-B defeated the IGIT SARANG team by winning 2 sets out of three. On the other hand, ITER defeated the RITE team by a huge margin in the 2nd semifinal.
Final report:
CET-B won the toss and chose to serve. In a neck-to-neck match consisting of five games, the teams alternated in proving their mettle on the field. The first and second game was won by ITER which put a tremendous pressure on the home team. After losing two games, CET-B faced a do-or-die situation, as losing the third game would imply no fourth and fifth game and an automatic win for ITER. But, the comeback from the home team was appreciable. They managed to win two sets consecutively. The crowd too roared along with the players, as both teams inched towards the win. In spite of playing cautiously and narrowing down the margin of victory by preventing ITER from claiming an early lead, CET-B committed some blunders and ITER emerged triumphant, winning 15/9. ITER won the match 3-2. A shout-out to the CET-B team for putting up such a tough fight!
(By M. Soundarya, Sudipta Das and Tanisha Pradhan)
“Serve it , Smash it , Win it, Love it”
After the cultural bonanza , it was time for the sports carnival “The Engineer’s Cup”. Undoubtedly the Engineer’s Cup began with a great pomp and show. Moving on, this year Engineer’s cup witnessed one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and incredible battle of flying shuttle corks, “Badminton”. Ace players of many reputed colleges like KIIT,IGIT
ITER,OEC,GEC,CVR,PMC,NISER,GITA,GIET,IIIT,EINSTEIN and NIST had come forward for the showdown.
To begin with the boys’ match first ,the match started on the day1 with a lot of zeal and zest among the players as well as the crowd. The first semis was played between OEC and KIIT where KIIT easily smashed the OEC and entered into the finals.The second semis match was a worth watching match since two brothers CET-A and CET-B had to fight on their home ground for stepping in to the finals and this match was definitely a nail biting match. And to give a tough competition to the KIIT , CET-A came out with every possible strategy for winning the Champions title.The last day witnessed one of the most phenomenal finals between KIIT and CET-A. Both the teams gave an equal competition to each other, building an atmosphere
full of suspense, thrill and what not! Followed by a series of net,defense,smash,kill,drive the spectators’ wait came to an end ,as the match ended with KIIT emerging as the Winners and CET-A as the runners-up.
Not to be disappointed  CETians , dont let your hopes go down since the girls match is yet to be mentioned.The first day of the sports meet witnessed the nail biting knock out round between NISER and IGIT, in which IGIT came out as the winner.The following day had PMC and
CET fight to reach the finals and CET came out with flying colours. The last day saw one of the most interesting ‘race to win’ between CET and IGIT. Both the teams gave a quite tough competition to each other , maintaining the suspense till the very end. And this gallant war
where players being the warriors striving to lift the trophy , CET smashed down IGIT and emerged as the Ultimate Champion!
With this, the battle of flying shuttle corks comes to an end and the wait for the next Engineer’s Cup begins !
(By Mamali Mohapatra and Apoorna Patri)

There may be many religions in this secular country called India, but it is said that cricket unites Indians better than any religion can ever do. … With millions of ardent followers, cricket is the ‘religion’ of India.There was also a  similar tournament organised to unite different colleges of Odisha to outcast their outstanding skills in cricket which was an extreme success and all the participants along with the spectators enjoyed to their fullest.there was an immense competitive spirit among different teams that was witnessed by the crowd which made it all the more entertaining.The competition started with 12 teams from various colleges of Odisha. The colleges that represented themselves for cricket in engineer’s cup are:

There was a series of matches held from which 8 teams were selected for quarter finals.First match was between CET-B vs GITA in which GITA won.2nd match was between CET-A and IHM where CET won.3rd match was between CV RAMAN and  IGIT where CV RAMAN won.4th match was between  OEC vs GIET,GUNUPUR where OEC won.
    All the winners of quarter finals proceeded towards semifinals;
the 1st match was between CET-A vs GITA where CET won.
2nd match was between CV RAMAN and OEC where CV RAMAN won.
Finally the day of finale arrived on 18th of March to witness the high voltage game between CET-A and CV RAMAN .CET won the toss and our captain HIMESH CHACHRA,SPORTS SECRETARY chose to bowl first.CV RAMAN made 119 runs from 15 overs where Debasish and Amit picked 4 and 2 wickets respectively.Then CET came to chase the runs on scoreboard,battled hard till the last ball of the match but lost it by only 2.  Finally the team of CV RAMAN emerged victorious of ENGINEER’s CUP-2k17 with CET-A ending up as RUNNERS UP
MAN OF THE MATCH (FINAL)-SHUBHAM(CV RAMAN) for picking up crucial wickets for his team that turned the match around
MAN OF THE SERIES -DEEPAK(CV RAMAN) for his all-round performance with both bat and bowl which was crucial for his team.
Their called upon a celebration and the tournament ended with a happy note.
(By Rudra M Biswal, Amrut Kumar and Shraddha Shibani)
It was a phenomenal experience witnessing our college host this year’s Engineers Cup – the  inter-college sports meet . Amidst all sorts of major sports that garnered a large no. of teams from various colleges, competing for the title, basketball was no different.


The coordinators were:

Boys Category : Dibya Ranjan Swain, Ram Manas 

Girls Category:   Anisha Sahu, Haneesha Vallamsetti , Sagarika Kanhar

League matches in both boys and girls category continued for 2 days ( 15th & 16th of March ) putting up an intense show flaunting their professionalism in the game. The semi-finals for boys category and finals of both boys and girls category were burdened onto the last day in a bid to high up the euphoria , which could be evidently felt on and off the field *cough(sledging).

Girls  Qualifiers :

College Of Engineering and Technology , Bhubaneswar ( CET )
Institute for Technical Education and Research , Bhubaneswar ( ITER)
College of Engineering , Bhubaneswar

Girls Finals :


Girls Basketball finals could gather a large crowd cheering the home-team while jeering the other.But as per the pristine rules of any game that rewards the better player , ITER took home the  title by a 7-6 victory over CET , Bhubaneswar.

Boys  Qualifiers :

Indian Institute of Technology , Bhubaneswar ( IIT-Bhubaneswar )
Birla Institute of Management Technology , Bhubneswar (BIMTECH-Bhubaneswar)
CV Raman College of Engineering , Bhubaneswar
Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology , Sarang ( IGIT-Sarang)

Boys Finals :

CV Raman College of Engineering vs IIT-Bhubaneswar

The heat was on , for these two teams had proved they meant business and the face off was a match to behold. CV Raman College of Engineering subtly dominated the game as the final scoreboard read 32-27.

The winners and runners up trophies were awarded to the teams after end of the games.






(By Shimona Elora, Swetleena Zenith, Shubhangee Mekap)

Engineers’ Cup witnessed many events as a part of the tournament, including indoor and outdoor games, with table tennis being one of them. The ping pong game being one of the fun ones, was played with high zest and ardency in this year’s Cup.

The event kick started on the 1st day of Engineers’ Cup with openings made by teams CET-A and ITER, for the boys’ table tennis championship. Each match was a team event consisting of 3 single and 2 doubles for the boys, in the order – single, single, double, single, double. The matches played were won by best of 3 out of 5 games, with the first player reaching 11 points with a head of atleast 2 points to win for each match.

For the girls’ tournament, each player of every team had to compete with every other opponent, with each match consisting of 3 sets. The colleges participating in the girls’ table tennis championship were NISER and CET, the total number of players being 7. The top two players were Anisha Sahu from CET, and Monali from NISER, who eventually played the finals, with Anisha sahu bagging the prize by 2-0.






The boys’ table tennis championship was equally enthralling. There were a total of 4 teams participating, two from CET (CET-A and CET-B), along with teams from ITER and NISER, consisting of 5 members each and hence, amounting to 20 players in all. The finals were played between the team CET-A (Snehasis Panda, Debasish Behera, Devdatta Mishra, Subhendu Dutta and Akash), and the team from ITER- (Santosh, Amrit, Abhilash, Ankit and Anusheel). As if the girls’ matches weren’t gritting enough, the finals for the boys’ championship went on to the very last round of doubles, with all the previous rounds amounting to a tie. The deciding match of the boys’ championship was between the teams of Devdatta Mishra and Snehasis Panda(CET), and that of Abhilash and Anusheel(ITER), which CET won by 3-0. So finally, the championship was won by CET after a tough game with ITER having 3 state level players.

The event came to a closure on day 3, CET coming out with flying colors. Kudos to the players who brought laurels to our college, and last but not the least, we congratulate the efforts of the organizers – Snehasis Panda, Debasish Behera, Devdatta Mishra and Subhendu Dutta, who truly made it a great success.


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