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Day 3 -Red Carpet Xtasy 2k17 : Western Wear

Compiled By – Srutee Rout

Caption Credits –  Arshi Naaz  and Shrika Agarwal 

              The last but the most anticipated article of Xtasy2k17.

The Guy with hidden talents ……, Shatam Patri

His fashion carol reflects his attitude.

“Just keep it simple and comfortable. Mix it up gracefully according to the occasion”

The Glamorous girl in Red …., Rosalin Dehury

Because she believes in being bold and beautiful.

“The human body is the best work for art. So a fit and healthy body is the best combination for fashion.”


The Fairer of Fair…., Soumya Tripathy

Her fashion statement unwraps the confidence in her.

“I believe in wearing outfits that I’m comfortable in also keeping in mind the latest trends and fusion of different styles”

Miss Xtasy…2k17, Subha Priyadarshini

   Her fashion mantra depicts her current status.                         

                 ” Dress like you are already famous.”

                       The Sweetest Couple…, Sagufa Aziz and Ashish Sahoo

Sagufa Aziz– “Fashion is about being comfortable and confident in whatever you wear, that will do the charm.”

Ashish Sahoo -” Dubious about the jeans shirt? Dont be! This underrated item has enjoyed a recent fashion revival.”

Love is in the air!!!!!!!!,,Ashirbad Satapathy and Chandrika Mohapatra

Ashirbad Satapathy – And fashion statement, umm, A pair of good leather boots and a well groomed beard gives you the dashing look in any outfit! ?

Chandrika Mohapatra – “Fashion can be bought .Style one must possess”.


                                         The Gorgeous Lady….., Komal Panigrahi
Her fashion warble portrays how updated she is when it comes to” Dressing Up”.
Xtasy 2k17 has been very special to me. So I chose to wear a special blue J21 number and paired it with my catwalk. And added some curls. I believe feeling beautiful on the inside is key to look good. So stay happy. Stay pretty. ?


The stunning beauty!! Aayushi Jajodia
                    Unlike her chracter she chose a threatening one :p  
                          “Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today”.
The girl for whom Beauty lies in simplicity…..,Trishala Mishra
        For she believes in the age old quote “Simplicity is the best policy”.
I have always worn outfits that are quite literally simple and comfortable. I hardly ever put much effort into it, as one can clearly see. Putting on a lipstick still needs some getting used to.
Beauty with Brains…,Risha Agarwal
         Her fashion statement is as graceful as her.
” To me, fashion is all about how we carry ourselves, to look glamorous and be comfortable. Dress the confidence in you.”
                                    The Cutie Patootie Sweetie…… Shrika Agarwal

No matter what you wear, style depends on the way you carry it.

                                  #Bhai_Achi….,Asutosh Hota and Aditya Padhi

Asutosh Hota – “A crisp white shirt, a nice pair of shoes and a nice watch, that’s all you need to look good! After all, I already have pretty good height! Wear whatever you feel like…but make sure it looks good on you”.
Aditya Padhi – “Style is knowing who you are and what you want to say. You cant just be the same person everyday.”


The one who put in a lot of efforts to present this to you….., Srutee Rout

Kuch toh log kahenge!!!!! but aaj kal kuch jyada hi bol rhe hai :p 

For me fashion is not about  dressing  up to impress others but on that Special Day of  Xtasy 2k17  I was  all dressed up to impress Mr. Mishra……. sadly didn’t get a chance :p..

The Workaholic, #Bha…, Sagar Samal

       I choose to fill my days with what I’m passionate about, and live with purpose. 

The Compassionate Guy…, Ashirwad Pattnaik
          The socially active guy chose not to give a damn 😉 .         
  Style is knowing who u are,what u want to say and not giving a damn.
The DUBSMASH wala lovely couple……, K V Sriram and Preeti Pragyan Dash
    K.V Sriram – *Your dressing reflects better than mirrors*.
Preeti Pragyan Dash – *Fashion is something that comes within you*
The Enchanting One…, Shirin Sonali
“For me, fashion is and always will be the ability to make the bare minimum look significant with just the right amount of flair and sophistication.”
                                                     The Graceful…,Varsha Satpathy 
        “I live by the statement, “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it”
“One with the Bewitching Beauty, Bhavna Rath”

    “Fashion is about owning whatever you are wearing , regardless of if it’s a high fashion statement or not.”

The handsome junior…., Raman Ratan

                                                    The Joy of Dressing is an Art.

Stay with us and don’t change that dial for we will be back next year in the same blog with same old and some new faces…

Signing off

Team Pentastic

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