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Xtasy 2k17: The Zeroth Day

After the hustle and bustle of the internal exams, it was time for the CETians to enjoy to their hearts’ content!! Because, 1st March was the Day Zero of Xtasy! So, we had some special pre events lined up for the CETians!
(By Arbind Samal)
When you know that Xtasy is round the corner,you cant miss the action for a single split second! Yes! This is what was justified by the pre-fest event ‘karaoke’. The fun filled event was organized by Mr. Poojan Bagadia (Mr. Xtasy :D) and was dedicated to all the “Special Sanga’s.”
In the afternoon of 1st March 2017, around 4 pm,the audience comprising of the students of,integrated M.Sc,B.Arch gathered in the SAC area to witness some raw talents who went all out to entertain their friends. The event allowed the participants to sing on the karaoke’s of different era’s of music. The audience applauded each time a singer began and the cheers were perpetual.
There were different performances-solo,duets and groups all tried to entertain the audience with the karaokes they had prepared and also with the ones they found available on the laptop.
The event unfolded at around 4.45 pm on the clock and in the hope of enjoying this event once more this year,the audience dispersed. This gave a sign of what Xtasy has promised this year!
(By Satyajit Mohanty)
After the musical event ‘Karaoke’ ended, the 2nd event of the Day 0 of Xtasy 2017 – ‘Burnout’, commenced at 6:00 PM in the basketball court. It was a street dance and battle competition. 20 participants from all over the state had come to perform in this event.
 At the beginning, the judges were introduced – Mr. Aatish Mohapatra aka ‘B-Boy Cirrus’ from VIMSAR, Burla and Mr. Adarsh Mishra – a dance professional from Bengaluru. Then a mock demo performance was presented to the audience which was enthralling.
The event commenced with an elimination round. Each of the 20 participants was given 30 seconds to perform on a background music which was being played. With that, 4 participants were eliminated and out of the remaining 16, knockout stages were conducted followed by Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals. The Semi-Finals consisted of two rounds while the Finals consisted of three rounds.
The Winner of this event was Mr. Ashutosh Sahoo from Trident Academy of Technology, Bhubaneswar while the Runners-up was Mr. Dev Jyoti from Brahmapur.
The coordinators of this event were Sheetal Patnaik, Swayam Swastik Das and Souren Pradhan from TDA Club.
Yeh to bas trailer tha..Picture abhi baki hai mere dost 😛 Stay tuned for the full coverage of Xtasy 2K17!! And not to forget, the pic credits goes to CET Photofactory who have been working day and night to ensure that the pics of every event reaches all the CETians!

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