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The Prelude to Xtasy 2K17!

So CET is all set with the college festival Xtasy-the hub for fun, fiesta and frolic. The organisers are making unmatchable exertion to render it a grand success. Of course it is all about fun embellished with learning experience when it comes to organising an unbeaten college fest, unquestionably not a one day match. To give the CETians a feel of what is about to come, the cultural clubs Arpeggio and Amuza organized the events Goonj (Prelims) and Intra-Theatre Competition respectively!! We bring to you the exclusive event coverage of these events!!

(By Amruta Kar)

With the hustle of Xtasy 2017, CET is coming up with loads of buzz and myriad competitions. Such was an event organized by team “Amuza” official drama club of CET on 23rd February, 2017. They had organized an “Intra theatre competition” which was appreciated as well as enjoyed by all in large numbers.

Every act had its own essence. Beautifully put up on the stage so, that each and every audience will relate to it and enjoy it. Moving on the judge for the event was Mr. Sreemant Tripathy Sir. He judged, each and every act on the basis of synchronisation, dialogue throw, presentation etc.

Likewise the event continued, with varied concepts. The very first act was based on “How Hindu-Muslim love is still a cliche in 21st century”. Then there was this act which focused on how “Superstition is sometimes destructive.” Similarly there was many such acts which gave us perks of reality.

Moving on the results were announced,

1st prize was bagged by,

“The Team”:-

Their play was on terrorism. Based on two brothers whose father died in a war and afterwards the elder brother joins the wrong path of terrorism but somewhere in the process of all theses the younger brother realises that how wrong they were in their part and that’s how the story proceeds.

2nd prize was bagged by,

“The Rockstar”:-

Was on a guy aiming to become a rockstar and he even accomplishes his dream. With a successful and pompous life he meanwhile couldn’t give attention to his family and his mother expires. With this we get to learn that sometimes money is not everything there’s more to life especially our loved ones who always stand on our side.

3rd prize was a special award i.e, an audience choice award which was bagged by the team “jaha gote dei diya”:-

With a fascinating name they had a even more fascinating act. Their act was based on a girl Arohi whose mother earned through prostitution. And due to her position in the society, Arohi gets raped by her college mate and MLA’s son. And when Arohi and her mother go to the police station for complaining they get killed.

With this Arohi wakes up with a thud-

As it was a dream. But this act left a lot of question in the minds of the audience. Some real life questions.

With this the event came to an end. All the acts focused on first world problems and real issues. We thank Amuza for entertaining us with this event. We look forward to more such events.

Goonj (Prelims)
(By Sudipta Das)

The intra solo singing competition Goonj was able to draw a huge gathering through its powerful echo held in the architecture lobby commencing sharp at 12:30. Music is certainly an accompaniment to our life nowadays. Its impossible for us to even try and conceptualise a world without music. Above all things, music has a transcendental significance that is captured in the beautiful patterns of nature and architecture. If you have a natural aptitude and appreciation for it, then music simply draws you to it and connects. Perhaps that was the reason why such a huge crowd turned up for the event. Especially the newbies, despite having their regular lectures, were seen registering themselves in large numbers for both the western and Indian categories.

Through the combination of voice, lyrical content and poetic structure, melody, rhythm, the nuance of combined tonal qualities and phrasing with the breath, singers can transmit and translate thoughts and feelings, potentially elevating and transporting both the singer and the listener to another realm. The singers implanted such serene ambience that was worth seeing. The event was judged by the super talented singers Kiran Bharati, Nimish Mishra and Suprakash Mishra of the Arpeggio club. The evaluation was being done on the extent of precision of notes.

Its worth praising that the college is coming up with events that are rejuvenating and revitalising the essence of singing. We have become so accustomed to recorded sound that it has become rather facile and formulaic. When you can literally access any piece of recorded music at the touch of a fingertip, something valuable gets lost or devalues in the process. Music has become ubiquitous. Amidst such situation, these type of contests inject us with vigour and zeal to reconstruct music and give it its real meaning. Undoubtedly the credit goes to all the dedicated members of Arpeggio. In total 38 students are short-listed for the next round. The college awaits for more breath taking performances in the inter round.All the very best to them!!!!

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