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The Clash of the Titans: Faculty vs Students Match!

By Pratik Dash

18th of February,2017, The day was a special one. The historical Faculty-Students Cricket match was played in the auspicious ground of our college. Amongst huge excitation and loud cheers, the faculty team,led by our respected Principal P.K.Patra sir, stepped into the ground. In blue jersey, the gentlemen were very excited to play the game of cricket and maintain the legacy of winning, as it has been happening for the last few years.The all 4 umpires, Prince Kumar, Amit Bhuyan, Ankit Nayak and Manoj Kumar Bhanja were present during the toss. The faculty team went on to bat first and thus stepped in the openers, respected P.K.Patra sir along with L.N.Panda sir. Setting fields were the captain, the President of the college, Samir Satapathy and Sports Secretary Himesh Chachra, who were in a huge rush to dismiss the faculty team’s strong batting lineup as soon as possible. But, Fate played otherwise; Frequent misfieldings and dropped catches by the students’ team made the faculty team go strong and hard at the opposition. Biswajit sir’s cameo and some great exhibition of beautiful batting by Samarjit sir, Dipak sir, P.K.Satpathy sir and others who came in handy with the bat to set a team total of 150 odd runs to the students’ team to chase.

Students’ team took it as a challenge and were all set to chase it. Beautiful bowling by Kanhu sir resulted in the dismissal of Shubham Kumar Sahu and there it began,the downfall of students’ batting line up. Wickets at regular intervals  and thus none of the batsman stayed in the crease for longer duration.The ship of students’ team sank AGAIN!!!

For wonderful all round performance (bat,ball and field), Biswajit Samantaray sir was awarded with the Man of the Match prize.

With athletic fielding and spirited cheering, P.K. Sathpathy sir was immensely exceptional in the field.This made him win the Best Fielder of the match Award.

Impressive exhibition of of wise bowling was the reason for which Samarjit Pattnaik sir was awarded with the Best bowler of the match award.

Special thanks to Madhav Chandra Tripathy sir,Kanhu Charan Bhuyan sir and Nadia Kanungo sir for their outstanding support and blessing throughout. It couldn’t have been possible without them.Also, a very big thanks to our esteemed Principal sir,along with every faculty member,who took out time of their busy schedule and attended the match.

Special mention-Anustup Biswal and Pallavi Mohapatra for their awesome and entertaining commentary. They made this match all the more interesting and lively.

We will Return again next year with a new team of students’ led by a new captain who will challenge the same faculty team in an exciting battle. Till then,keep reading C.E.T. Rising and keep acknowledging our Pentastics team. Signing off #2017!

P.S. This is the trailer of the Engineer’s Cup. The big picture would be releasing soon!!

Pic credits: The incredible Team CET Photofactory!


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