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Beg Borrow Steal 3.0: The game is on!!

Covered by Priyam Gupta and Nimisha Acharya


Day Zero of the much awaited Techno-Literary-Management fest “Perception” began with one of the most exciting events “Beg Borrow Steal”. Being organised by the literary club Cetadel, and coordinated by Miss Nimisha Acharya,Mr. Sidhant Sourav,Mr. Biswa R.Mishra, Miss Srutee Rout, Miss Arshi Naaz and Mr. Sumeet Sourav Das, it made the afternoon a time of fun and exhilaration. The excitement in the air was palpable as more than 50 teams gathered in SAC at 1.30. Following the tradition, the coordinators chose their spot at the terrace from where the flex containing the list of the items would be unveiled.


“The Terrace”

All the eager eyes were laid on the flex which held the secret item names to be collected for winning the game. There was huge eagerness and anxiety from down the crowd which shouted and jumped in anticipation. As the first round started, the flex was held open and within the next minute, everybody was seen exploring the college premises to get the potpourri of 10 items. Some were seen grooving with their vehicles while others considered their legs to be powerful enough. Amongst the large crowd of competitors,only the top 8 teams were to be short listed for the next round. As the team mates begged and borrowed, and maybe stole, the weirdest of stuffs like ATM Receipt, Rubik’s Cube, ID cards of two people bearing the same first name, and a selfie with our beloved shopkeepers. And the catch was that all the items should come in a blue bag! While the mad scramble for the items was going on, our very own 4th year, Mr. Prateek Hota left no stone unturned with his amazing and humorous commentary which tickled the funny bones of the crowd. There was really no compromise with the fun quotient of the event.

What a Crowd!

After the literal begging,borrowing and stealing, the top 8 teams were selected. But the enthusiasm of the first years won the hearts of the coordinators and finally, 13 teams were able to make it to the final round. For the first time, this event had two rounds. And yes, the coordinators did not make it easy for the contenders. The teams had to collect 8 things from the given list but based on certain conditions, one of them being they couldn’t use their wallet to purchase stuffs and only 2 of the 3 members would remain active while the third team member would help them by using phone to communicate with each other!! The eight items were even more bizarre than the ones in the first round! The teams had to get an HTC charger, a new Classmate notebook, a Veg Grilled Sandwich from Omfed, a Paneer/Mushroom Roll from Omfed again, A Signature from the final years at the Registration Desk, A print out of the Cetadel poster for Perception, Chips of 5 different flavours and last but not the least, sharing any article of CET Rising on their timelines and garnering 40 Likes!! The teams went all out to get those items anyhow. Finally, after a whirlwind run, the top three teams were selected and awarded for the overwhelming and enthusiastic performance.

The winners are:
1. Harsha Goyal, Shaikh Israil, Saswat Ray
2. M. Soundarya, Saubhagya Mishra, Ankit Mohapatra
3. Soyam Mohanty, Ruchismita Rath, Shriya Hembram

Winners (Perhaps a bit too many members)

The first years were awarded special prizes for their unmatched zeal for this event

1. Mamali Mohapatra, Apoorna Patri, Shubhangi Mekac
2. Sushmita Mishra, Dibya Kumar Acharya, Diptiman Acharya

This event paved the way for Perception 2k17! Nothing could have given a better and more energetic kick-start to the fest.

Special mention to Team Photofactory for capturing the event so perfectly!! And our very own NSS Convenor, Lalitendu Sahoo who was instrumental in making this event a success!

Coordinators!!! (Biswa R. Mishra Missing)


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