Sunday, 15 January 2017

Mission Rahat: Visit to SCB

By: Team PenTastic
Written by Arbind Samal (1st year)

"A life lived for others is measured in greatness,not in terms of years." This is what separates a humanitarian from the ordinary. We all believe in becoming an asset for the society,but for achieving this,it is necessary to help the ones in need! This is what our college and the students believe in- helping our fellow beings in any possible way we can.

With this thought in mind,Mission Rahat aimed to help the patients in SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack during its visit,on 12 January 2017. The objective was not to just help the needy but also introspect within ourselves if we can actually do anything for them. After reaching the destination at the scheduled time of 11 P.M.,the students proceeded to the orthopedic ward with the guidance of the officials there. Around 40 students from the college took part in this initiative and there was complete effort seen from them as different groups were formed who went to different rooms to communicate to the patients and distribute fruits,glucose and other incentives.

It is rightly said that 'service to Mankind is service to God'. And Mission Rahat took a small step to not only serve the patients but also find solutions to improve their condition. The response that the patients gave,encouraged every single member of our team to help each and every fellow human to make this Earth a better one to live.

The students returned back with a mission in their eyes,that is to help everyone. The CETians of Bhubaneswar now successfully earn a place in the hearts of the patients in SCB hospital. But this mission wont have been possible without the guidance of Respected Principal sir Prof.PK Patra who allowed us to be a part of this noble cause. We are thankful to Shrimant sir,who went all the way with the students and guided them. This trip wont have been possible without the efforts of our President,Mr. Samir Satpathy, Vice President Mr. Soubhagya Satpathy and NSS Convener Mr. Ritwik Pattnaik.

We urge all our fellow CETians to help our fellow human beings and lead the surge of spreading this spirit of humanity.

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