Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mission Rahat: Visit to Ashiyana

By: Team PenTastic
By Srutee Rout

Animals are the poor silent souls who are unable to express the pain, suffering and tyranny they are subjected to each and every day. They have a sense of love, loyalty and friendship as well as many other emotions and traits.
Keeping this view in mind, the students of Mission Rahat celebrated Christmas with these virtuous and modest animals.
They were the "Santa" to the animals to make them feel the festival of joy.

On 27th Dec, the guys cheered up to visit an animal rehabilitation home "Ashiyana" near Patrapada, Bhubaneswar. It is a home to all kinds of animals who are injured, sufferering from mental trauma and left alone. It is an Animal Welfare Trust guided by Miss Purabi Patra ma'am. It was the third visit by Mission Rahat. Though the visit was during the X-mas holidays, it didn't fail to draw the attention of the CETians. This holidays did not dampen the excitement of the students, and they turned out in large numbers. After the bus was laden-ed with biscuits,rice,milk etc., we geared up and started our journey around 10. 30 a.m.

Reaching Ashiyana at around 11 a.m ,we were warmly welcome by Purabi mam. "I am genuinely surprised to see so many students at a time at my place 'Ashiyana' ", she exclaimed but was too contented which was easily visible from her face.
We handed the packets of biscuits and rice to one of the helpers.

As we headed inside, we saw an Alsatian, followed by a white fluffy dog named 'Pluto'. Many of us screamed at first. To our surprise, there were even many stray dogs and kittens being taken care of by her.
The dogs were caged, but as Purabi ma'am opened the  cages in an open space around, they started sniffing and played with us. The students,volunteers and our Mission Rahat Co-ordinator Ritwik Pattnaik offered biscuits to these voiceless and innocent creatures. The thing that attracted us the most was though these dogs were barking but they didn't have a feeling of strangeness. They were playful beings. Purabi Mam added that she collected the dogs from roadside. Some were knocked down from KIIT campus, some beaten up by their masters etc..

There was an Eagle, who was the victim of a person flying a kite. He lost his wings and vcould no longer fly. Thanks to Purabi ma'am he got a shelter to lead his life. She expressed her grief by saying that Sky is the free space for birds to fly but still they become human's victim.

In the meantime, one of the students asked Ma'am what motivated her to start such an initiative. Her reply will give goosebumps. She said she was an MBA student and staying in Delhi 4 5 years ago. But since childhood, she was an avid animal lover. One fine day, when she went to a butcher, she found that none of the chickens were coming forward . Each of them weas pushing the other since they knew what their fate would be. This act made her sympathetic towards the sinless creatures and since then she was motivated.

She also had a male calf which she got on Shivaratri , hence its name "Shiva". She further added that male cows are the worst sufferers in dairy industry as they are not used for milk production. They are kicked off and their ultimate destination is slaughter house. This made us feel how can humans be so cruel and perform such heinous crimes.

As it was time to say good bye to the innocent beings and our Ma'am Miss Purabi Patra, all of us were reluctant to leave the place. We felt like we had a deep bonding within few hours and those faces of animals were really inexpressible.

It seemed like it was the best trip at the end of the year, Mission Rahat had planned for the students of CET. After seeing such dedication of love and affection by Ma'am towards animals,we all were greatly inspired by her words and deeds. We salute to the initiative taken up by her in Ashiyana.

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