Monday, 16 January 2017

Intra Sports Tournament: Game On!!

By: Team PenTastic
Written by Pratik Dash

The new year started with a bang for college students of C.E.T. as the whole college was excited to see sports players of the college in action.Who doesn’t want to see Himesh Chachra and Amit Bhuyan hitting sixes, Anustup Biswal and Shatam Patri scoring goals, Ram Manas and Anisha Sahu’s agile run, Dibya’s deadly smashes, Debasish Behera’s quick table tennis or Dillip Kindo and Adi Prateek’s wonderful drops of the shuttle.The first year’s involvement in the INTRA tournament made it more exciting.The Branch wise pattern of the competition made the environment more passionate. Wowww..the tournament was just incredible!!


The Electrical Team!

Playing through the league stages out of 8 teams only, four managed to go to the semi finals.In the semis Electrical team met the powerful I&E team and put up a great fight, but were unable to contain the I&E people.The mechanical defeated the CSE people to enter into the finals in the other semi finals .In a tough and competitive match against the mechanical team the Instru team emerged as winners.What a match it was!!


Hundreds of students took part in badminton.There was no space to stand in the Badminton court. Out of the immense participation, only one had to emerge as a winner. In a great match between Samidha Ratho (Electrical 4th year) and Megha ranjani (I&E 2nd year), Megha clinched the title. The Mixed doubles final was a great and exciting one as the Samidha Ratho +Adi Prateek combination proved their upper hand against the Dillip Kindo + Megharanjani duo. Adi Prateek+Thakurdas Soren duo were defeated out of nowhere by the emerging Debasmit Khanda (a first year player)+Amarendra duo who played very, very well in the finals of men’s double .In the men’s singles final Thakurdas stole a wonderful win (“well played Thakur!” echoed the court.)


The league matches were awesome.The sixes were cheered and each wicket made everybody’s heart skip a beat. 2 fifties of Amit Bhuyan, a 34 ball 102* by Himesh Chachra and an 87 run innings by Millan Roshan were the highlight of the tournament.The final is yet to be played which would obviously be more exciting though!!!


Tough fights, powerful smashes and great blocks make this sport more interesting. The mechanical team won it easily and it was sure though for them as they had the volleyball legend: our own Dibya bhai in their ranks. I think you all might be guessing it by now how they won it single handedly. "The boys played well", said our humble and calm Manoj Kumar Bhanja who featured in few matches.


The Captains!!
High voltage action and super speed dribbling, need of great accuracy and stamina, this game attracts great crowd. As usual Basketball has been one asset of our college and Intra matches proved it.With the ranks of Siba Prasad Dash, the Textile team came, saw and conquered the court beating the very strong Architecture team. As far as the women's team was concerned, there were two teams captained by the two stalwarts Anisha Sahu and Sagarika Kanhar respectively. More than winning, their intention was to mentor the young talent and ensure a great team for the upcoming Engineer's Cup.


Being a very tough sport, low participation was a negative point of the sport but watching Debasmit, Adi Prateek, Snehasis panda, Debashish Behera and Anisha Sahu in action, only fools would have missed it!! Anisha Sahu won the finals in singles beating the very beautiful Megharanjani who put up a gallant fight. In men’s singles it was Debashish Behera who emerged as an unbeatable winner.

The trailer to Engineer’s Cup i.e. the excitement level of students for sports was seen amongst the students."Never have the college seen so much of involvement of students for sports. Hats off CETians-cheers!!",said the sports secretary, Mr.Himesh Chachra!!

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