Thursday, 12 January 2017

Bengaluru's Night of Shame!

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Amruta Kar

For she is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister...
For, on one hand she is considered as Goddess.
For she-
On the other is treated as a commodity.

Yeah you heard it right commodity!!

Am I bitter with my words ? 

Well, to be honest I am and I don't even care.
I am bound to be one.
After all I live in an ironical country which is time and again contradicting itself and is bound by a bunch of 'alpha males', yeah mark my words "BUNCH OF" not "ALL."

Sad Plight of Bengaluru on 01.01.2017!!!

Gosh!! I can't even waste any more synonyms to describe this, many have done it, so let's just be straight and get to the point.

Many of you must have guessed, yeah let's throw light on the recent happenings in Bengaluru's "Mass molestation case". Well, it was a well lit New Year's Eve, where people were gathered in the heart of the city i.e, MG road and Brigade road. But in spite of elaborate security arrangements, women were molested. Yes, you read it right! They were molested, by some so called unruly males.

Though police had made a clear point that they will make it a calm eve without any turbulence but Bang! that night became a shame for Bengaluru. No doubt the cops did take control over the situation, but they didn't show any eagerness in arresting those molesters. That's where they made a mistake. It's a fact that it was a huge crowd but they could have shown some initiative, a little more interest to show that they cared.

Somewhere the commissioner of police has made his statement telling that "police will take serious actions." (Okay we are waiting to watch.)

Captures The Scenario of today's India

To all of this when the home minister of Karnataka was asked to react, his statement was very clear. Here it goes, "Such things do happen in New Year's Eve." (you got to be kidding, sir!) Such an important personality of the city and this was his baseless statement. Bengaluru is considered as one of the most educated as well as a youth concentrated city and if these kind of activities are happening there, then there is no doubt that our youth is in danger and also somewhat backwards.

Basically, this was the whole scenario and now the same old procedure of serious investigations, then some front page headlines about the topic will range over and after some days it will be gone.

That's what happens all the time, isn't it?

Statistics Support it as Well :(

Manipulating statements by politicians. Blaming the victims all the time. Unnecessary goofing up of things and the cycle continues. But solution? Nowhere to be found. Research shows 92 women in India face some form of physical or mental oppression. At the top is New Delhi and surprisingly now giving the country capital a competition, it's "Bengaluru". This is not just one, there are many such cases of rapes, molestation and eve teasing from this particular city. Nothing but mourning over all these echoes for a long time.

Sadly even in our very own state of Odisha, in fact, in the very capital city of Bhubaneswar, ladies were eve-teased in broad daylight and nobody came to the rescue. Such cases show no signs of slowing down.

Actually it's not our fault. The stereotype has been inbuilt within us since childhood.

Patriarchy still sustains. Saddening though.

Many articles written, many interviews taken, many precautions also have been taken but this thing can never come under control.

They say don't wear minis, even a Burkha was not spared.
They say don't roam till late night, but things do take place in broad daylight.
They say age is the problem, I say even the infants, the four year olds and the 80 year olds are not spared.
You want to see a woman, see her, no one is stopping you. Look at her, adore her but also make it clear that you're looking at someone who is same as you, who is a same human as you. Understand the roots, grow up from within, make a change of your mindset and try to build a BETTER SOCIETY first.

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