Saturday, 21 January 2017

Athletic Meet 2k17: The trailer to Engineer's Cup!

By: Team PenTastic
Covered by: Aishwarya Pradhan

The two day long Athletic Meet 2k17 started with great vigour and excitement on January 18. It was the trailer of the grand extravaganza "Engineer's Cup", and it took the entire college by storm. The students of CET gathered in the field to witness this battle for supremacy, and to establish the contenders for the "Engineer's Cup." The event was an incredible success, organized by the Athletic Society, which has two extremely capable people at the helm of affairs, Sports Secretary Himesh Chachra and Sports Convenor Anisha Sahu. They were ably supported by the other members of the society and guided by the Faculty Coordinator of the Athletic Society, Dr. Madhab Chandra Tripathy.

On the first day, the track events of 200 m and 400 m categories were conducted. The track events were conducted in two phases ‘heats’ and ‘finale’.The field events saw the maximum enthusiasm and participation as the students thronged the field under the warm winter sun. The field events conducted on the first day were Shot Put and Long Jump for both boys and girls and Discus throw for girls. The second day concluded with the finale for all the track events and javelin throw. In the 100 m category Ronit Mohanty bagged the first prize and Manas Ranjan Rath and Md. Moshin finished second and third positions respectively. Subhasmita Sahoo, Sanjeeta Behera and Swarna Prabha Panigrahi emerged as the winners in the 100 m girls categories. Ronit Mohanty stole the first rank again in 200 m category. Tattwadarshi Guru and Biswajit Mahali grabbed runner’s up and second runner’s up in 200 m track event. Sonali Hansda emerged as the winner 200 m and 400 m track event and third in 800 m race. Mamata Naik and Shreeyanka were second and third in 200 m girls category. Akankshya Punji and Shreeyanka bagged second and third in 400 m girls category. Runulipsa Barik and Mamata Naik finished first and second in 800 m girls category. Whereas in 800 m boys category Suresh Kumar Tudu, Tapas Kumar Naik and Tattwadarshi Guru emerged as winners.

With huge turnout for the field events, there was cut throat competition. The crowd cheering away and people at the stands encouraging the participants created a good fun filled competitive atmosphere for the events. In Shot Put, Tanmay Jena and Mamata Naik came first in boys and girls categories respectively. Narendra Panda and Nirmal Jally were first and second runners up in boys category. R. Majhi and Pooja Agarwal bagged second and third in girls shot put.
In Javelin, Jajneshwar Das And Sanjeeta Behera emerged as winners. Siddhant Hembrom and Debashish Behera ranked second and third in Boys javelin. Rupulipsa Barik and Anisha Sahu won the first and second runners up in Girls Javelin. Parakh Tripathy and Nancy Rani Purty ranked one in Long jump. Jyoti Ranjan Nayak and Suresh Kumar Tudu  won the second and third positions in Boys Long Jump. Sanjeeta Behera and Kritishree Pradhan were first and second runners up in girls long jump. In discus throw, Rupulipsa Barik and Tanmay Jena won the first place. Pupul Kumar Dalbehera and Arpan Vishal gave a tough fight to be placed second and third respectively in discus throw. In girls category of discus throw, Anisha Sahu and Sonali Hansda emerged as second and third place holders.

The closing ceremony was a lively event too. The Athletic Society together with NSS conducted a fun event of musical chairs for the students to raise funds for charity, thus ending the saga on a high note.The organizers made sure that this event becomes a huge blockbuster, so that it could act as a prelude for the Engineer's Cup. Stay tuned for more awesomeness in the upcoming weeks!! 

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