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ASCEND 2.0: The Technical Exhibition of CET

By: Team PenTastic

Covered by Priyam Gupta and Pritiparna Panda.

Interview by Sumeet Sourav Das

It was time for the second edition of the annual technical exhibition of CET, Bhubaneshwar and so the stage was all set to kickstart the aptly named, ASCEND 2.0 on the 20th of January,2017. Let us walk into the glimpses of the event and unfold it further.

The crowd, being an amalgamation of the college students and quite a few excited faces of the participating school children, CET was all set to welcome fresh faces all the way from schools such as DAV, KIIT International and Mothers Public School. There couldn’t have been a better start to the event than the National Anthem followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the principal and chief guests. Then, the members of the club Arpeggio added the much needed rhythm to the event by presenting a welcome song in honour of the dignitaries on the dais. The event was hosted by Miss Shirin Sonali and Mr. Siddharth Mishra.

The first one to address the audience was our very own respected Principal sir, Dr. Prashanta Kumar Patra. He welcomed and acknowledged the presence of his own teacher, Professor (Dr.) RV Raja Kumar (Director, IIT Bhubaneshwar) and his student Mr. Ronak Samantray (Co-founder, Nowfloats).
Next was a speech by Professor (Dr.) RV Raja Kumar who spoke of his innovations as a director, and in enabling to better the lives of students in the rural regions of Andhra Pradesh through the medium of education. He spoke on various other topics like demonetisation and Make In India campaign.
The next chief guest on stage was Dr. Debanik Roy, Research Scientist, Chartered Engineers Institution, India and chief programme coordinator at the BRNS and BRNS secretariat of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.
Next to come up on the stage was Mr. Ronak Samantray, who was his own cheery self and managed to amuse and inspire the crowd simultaneously with his energetic aura that the young minds could very well connect to. He urged young minds to be in perpetual search for a passion and not rest until one finds and falls in love with it.
The vote of thanks was presented by our very own Prof (Dr.) P K Satapathy sir who thanked all the chief guests for their inspirational talk and for gracing the occasion with their presence. He appreciated the coordinating team for all their efforts which was hugely responsible for the success of the event.

Smart Wheelchair by MPS

The audience were then directed to exhibition arena where the models and projects had been put up for demonstration. The theme was "Solutions for Smart City."

The school teams were quite innovative and showed tremendous talent. A very innovative way to improve sanitation and waste management was presented in the form of a model named “WASTE-FI” by the students of DAV, Unit-8. The technology had the tech savvy potential to prove instrumental in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It consisted of a large vessel for collecting wastes, which on receiving a bulky amount of waste triggered a signal and generated a password that could be used for getting connected to the internet. It would not only clean up the mess but also invite more people to set up such plants. Another group from Mothers Public School had proposed the idea of a wheel chair that could capture the eye movement of the disabled and did not require the dependence of the user on another person for movement.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, the Star of the Show

Even students from CET were no less in putting up their ideas and gathering appreciation. One of the most eye catching exhibits by Ronauk Maharana and A. Pravin Kumar was an unmanned aerial vehicle that worked on battery and hence, did not need any fuel. Supported by a radio transmitter, it had potential use in the surveillance system and would create a bench mark for the military system and promote security system for the country. Another group, Aishwarya Patra and team, had designed a software program built on Python that had easy accessibility due to its offline feature. It aimed at last moment practice session for the students after a lesson.

After a gruelling task, the winners were announced. The names of the winners are as follows:

School Teams

Waste to Health and Swacch Apt by Aman Ku Sahoo, Naisargik and Priyabrat Biswal from DAV, Unit-8
Runners Up:
Smart Wheelchair by Nirmal Mahapatra and Sailesh Mohanty from Mother's Public School

Consolation Prizes:
Smart Lighting by Ahaana Paikray and Pratikshya Mohapatra from St Joseph's High School
Anurup Das, Ayush Bindhani and Siddhant Mohanty from KIIT International School
Swadhin Ku Sahoo, Sarthak Pattnaik and Bedatroyee Mandal from KIIT International School

Whereas in the college level, the undisputed winners were Ronauk Maharana and A. Pravin Kumar for their commendable project on the unmanned aerial vehicle. A hearty congratulations to all the deserving winners!!

Felicitation of the winners!!

This event was a mega success and also laid the groundwork for Perception. It would not have been possible without the constant efforts and perseverance of the extremely capable members of the Technical Society like Mr. Nitish Kumar Jha- Technical Secretary, Mr. Debashis Mishra- Technical Convenor and Mr. Md Imran- Technical Convenor. They were ably supported by the other coordinators and members of the Student Union and guided by the Faculty Coordinator of the Technical Society, Prof (Dr.) Sudhansu Sekhar Sahoo. Cheers to the team and the participants, and we sign off with the hope that this initiative to ignite the technical side of the young people continues in a bigger and better way!!

We also managed to catch up with one of the esteemed chief guests of this programme, Dr. Debanik Roy. Here is a tete-a-tete with the man himself, interviewed by Sumeet Sourav Das!

The maverick himself, Mr. Debanik Roy

Sumeet Sourav: So,today we have with us Dr.Debanik Roy,the Chief Programme Coordinator at Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS)-BARC. Good evening sir. Can you please let us know more about your work and contributions at BARC?
Dr. Roy: See I work in areas of Robotics and Automation at BARC.I have joined there in the year 1999.Right now I am heading the Research Comittee at BRNS which is concerned with funding various Research projects conducted by students from all over India.Besides,our department undertakes the projects mainly based on the burning problems in various social and technical fields in our country.

Sumeet Sourav: Is there any recent project that you're working on?
Dr. Roy: Yes,my specialisation is in Robotic grip development.So currently I am working on developing the firmware that can improve Robotic grasping mechanism.

Sumeet Sourav: Sir do you think nuclear energy can solve the energy crisis in India in a better way than wind and solar energy??
Dr. Roy: Yes, definitely.Even though solar and wind energy have got potential,they cannot be applied on a larger scale.By using nuclear energy,big cities and clusters of villages can be powered.But that is not possible in case of solar or wind energy.Besides,there has not been a lot of R&D work done yet on those fronts.And last but not the least, nuclear energy is a green energy source.

Sumeet Sourav: Sir, people are talking everywhere as 'Eventually robots are going to take over the world and humans are going to be pushed out.Do you support this notion?
Dr. Roy: No, not at all.The thought that the humans will be pushed out of the system is entirely wrong.What I think is that this process will push the humans to be more and more creative.In a way,they are pushing the humans to achieve their higher self. Robots can do the mechanised works,but they can never replaced on the emotional aspect which is the essence of being a human.

Sumeet Sourav: Does CET have the potential to be one of the Premier institutes of the country?
Dr. Roy: You just need to have the belief within yourself and you've got to push yourself harder.That is all that I can say.

Sumeet Sourav: Any last words for the students of our college.
Dr.Roy: I have heard a lot of students complaining about lack of scope and stuff.These are words of a pessimist.At the end of the day,your passion for a thing matters more than anything else.

Sumeet Sourav: Sir,thank you so much for your valuable time.The things that you've said will surely motivate the students to pursue their passion.It has been an honour on my part to do an interview of a person of your stature.

Dr. Roy: The pleasure is all mine.Thank you.

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