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Adieu 2K16: The Year Gone By

By: Team PenTastic
By Abhipsa Mishra and Subhashri Das

The most common feeling encountered in a year-ending week is “Yeh saal bahat jaldi chala gaya”! But the reality is that Gods do not have a time-playing gadget! The “time period of saal” is always the same. Oops! Perhaps it was a little longer this time as 2016 was a Leap Year!

And the New Year eve gives some a peculiar feeling in their tummies and pain from beneath shoots upward piercing the heart as they have aged more, as they have to overcome more challenges now, etc. While for the other chunk, it is an occasion for sheer celebration, new dresses, finding new innovative partying ways (as they are now bored with the old fashioned ones :p), lunching and dining out (gaining the extra little fat :p), etc ( this list never ends). And for some it does not make any difference, the desolated citizens still striving for a decent life. Wait! Some people are like me too. For me, New Year means new start with the night show telecasted in many TV channels, wishing on Whatsapp and then cuddling sleep for atleast 10 hours XD! What’s your genre?

So with some perplexing, with some perturbing, with some prodigious, with some pessimistic, with some promising and with some pleasurable events this year did pass! Let us take a peep into this year’s album! Don’t worry we won’t present a current affairs compendium. :p. But only the ones which have impacted the whole world.

Starting with the world at large, this year started off with the Chinese stock market slumping to the lowest of the records. February came with the wrath of Zika virus epidemic which caused huge loss of lives and brought so much suffering although we assumed control over it later. 
Panama papers leak was the next global hot topic which again proved that corruptions and scandals would never perhaps become extinct. Brexit in June came as huge surprise for the economy of the Great Britain and the world as it largely involved debate about whether voting Britain out of the European union by their denizens itself was correct! 
Recently enough the death of the great Cuban leader Fidel Castro cast a pall of gloom in the world room.

Evading the gloomy photos of this year we plunge into the merrier side. It all started with the release of the first real world game Pokemon-Go. It gathered crazy players immediately enough after its release. But the game lost its popularity as some road accidents did take place while adventuring on the road for Pikachu and Raichu. 
With all enthusiasm, Rio Olympics started in August of this year, Olympics being an all time wait for players! More special events awaited us in the September. The transition of “Mother” to a “Saint”! Yes, the canonization of our beloved, considerate Mother Teresa took place after 19 years of her death by Pope Francis in a ceremony at the St Peter’s Square in Vatican City! The joy of the people of the then Calcutta knew no bounds! 
The cradle of Science swung in joy once again with the birth of a baby with 3 DNA sets. Lastly Bob Dylan became the Nobel Laureate in Literature for having created ingenious poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.

India’s soundtrack of past twelve months too resonated with some ever-green melodies while some mourned the glum situations.

Terrorism is disagreeing to stop. And the terrorists become more vengeful held India as the target. Terrorist attacks occurred almost throughout the year. Starting with Pathankot (Jan), Pampore (June), the deadly Uri attacks (Sept), Baramulla and Handwara (Oct) followed. The Kashmir unrest became the topic of international discussions with no clear-cut solutions. 
Delhi got awarded for the most polluted city not only in India but also in the world. Delhites now beg for fresh air as post-Diwali scene was a thick smog blanketing Delhi which can raise serious health concerns for its localites. 
After that the sacking of TATA chairman Cyrus Mistry and the mysterious death of Jayalalithaa have attracted debates and condolences from all corners.

Not everything in 2k16 sounds so somber and morose. India too had many glorious moments filled with pride. Indian women players outperformed in the Rio Olympics by clinching one silver and one bronze in badminton and wrestling respectively, both being the first of its kind. P.V Sindhu and Sakshi Malik have made every Indian feel proud and sporty :p. Indian junior hockey team won the Junior Hockey World Cup and we won the Kabbadi World Cup too. This proves we had a point to celebrate! 
The noble initiative of Modiji to send warm Diwali wishes to our jawans received overwhelming response. Rather the actual fact is we are celebrating peacefully because our mighty army does not let militants sleep peacefully. This was a small token of gratitude to our “jawans” who engage in warfare anywhere, anytime for our security.
 The former Miss World Priyanka Chopra gave her American TV debut “Quantico” and became the first South Asian to win the People’s Choice Award! Yet another good news is movies MS Dhoni: The Untold Story and Sarbjit have made it to the Oscar selections!! Wait. List is longer this time. India has crossed UK’s GDP after 150 years! Is it hinting towards “ache din”?

Every event cannot be categorised as “perdition” or “progress”. The future book keeps some the revelations hidden in its pages yet to be explored. Donald Trump winning the Presidential Polls and NaMo demonetising 500 and 1000 currency notes have invited multiple opinions with multiple explanations. Will the super power US climb higher or will it decline? Will the demonetisation decision boomerang upon Modi or will it boost our economy? Only the coming year can reveal the how worthy were these decisions.

Now let us delve into the events that kept CET and CETIANS busy throughout the year!

"CET is the most trusted brand" quoted the tweet. What can we say, feelings poured down in a tweet!
Although it makes sense , considering the efforts that were put in by college authorities just before NBA and NAAC visits. Buildings painted afresh, trees chopped down, fields cleared! We wish they visit us every year!( Just look at all the cleaning they have inspired!) 

The year saw some glorious moments. The trio of Arghya Pattnaik, Debabrata Pramanik and Satya Prakash Mishra stormed the RBI policy challenge and bagged the second position. The team of Asutosh Hota, Saisankar Gochhayat, Rishav Agarwal, Sandeep Mahapatra, Lalu Prasad Lenka and Debabrata Pramanik made the college proud by winning the first prize at the IEEE Colloquium at IIT Bhubaneswar Bedashree Aparna Sahoo won the classical song competition at Lucknow. Amrita Amrutamayee Nanda made it to the finals of voice of Odisha. And many such feats were achieved by CETians throughout the year, winning quizzes, dance and singing competitions everywhere!!
Xtasy 2016 was larger than ever as Darshan Raval grasped all the limelight!(Along with our hearts of course!). CETians took a step forward towards humanity with "Mission Rahat". They helped the less previleged section of society at Gop and Dalua Ashram. Their efforts reached out to the needy animals at the Animal Rehabilitation Centre as well.
CET celebrated a "Cracker free Diwali" and made it every bit festive and colorful, setting a benchmark. The new girl's hostel has been named as "Kasturba hall of residence" and the boy's
hostel as "APJ Abdul Kalam Hall of residence". Hopefully, the allotments shall be soon.

Our Alma mater saw another year pass us by. We contemplate 2016 with lasting memories and walk down the promising lane of a fresh year. Ending notes are hard to give because every ending is another beginning. So keep your hopes alive, let your spirits thrive and may your toil strive for success in the 2017. Wishing you all a blissful & happy new year 2017!!

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