Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Broken Jigsaw Puzzle

By: Team PenTastic
By Pratyasha Ray(2nd year, I&E)

Why is it that I call myself a broken jigsaw puzzle?

Is it because I think I am too complicated to understand and solve?
Or is it because..
Ah, forget it.
Let me just tell you.

It’s solely because I am fragile.
I can break any moment. Even if you’ve tried to put me together I will still break without any guarantees.
I will not fit most of the time, you’ll take time to understand where I stand.
Everyone thinks I am easy to solve and understand, yet they take time to really figure out what I am.

I am a collection of broken pieces put together,but give no guarantee,that I will stay like that.
Have you ever noticed how jigsaw puzzles never really blend where they’ve been placed? I am like that.
I never completely blend,my cracks speak out loud.
They speak of my difficultly that you pretend to ignore.

They speak of whom I am.

I am, a broken jigsaw puzzle.
That you think you can solve.
Ha, you can’t!

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