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Student Union: The Who's Who of CET

By: Team PenTastic
By Shimona Elora and Pratik Dash

Every group needs a good leader in order to excel. Students of CET, this year, have great leaders who represent them in various fields. So friends, let's have an insight into the Student Union - the people whom we blindly have faith on.

1. President - Mr. Samir Satapathy:

Proving to be a great leader, Mr. Samir Satapathy, while assuming the post of the President of CET, had in his mind "enthusiasm and dedication to do something for the college"; and said that he is proud to be a CETIAN, planning to bring together the students of CET to have the same feeling as well. He said with the limited number of facilities available in the college due to it not being a "unitary university", he wishes to appeal and put as much effort for it becoming so. He has already been involved in changing minds at the college with his "No crackers diwali" campaign, being one of the many. He wishes to do even more, with active suggestion intakes from the suggestion email ID for the students, and promises to make a lot many changes to the college, which will be visible within the end of his term. In the end, he notably requested the students to cooperate with him, as "United we stand, divided we fall."

2. Vice-President - Mr. Soubhagya Satapathy:

Mr. Soubhagya Satapathy, the Vice-President of CET, said that he believes in making CET a family of 5400 members bound together with love, affection and faith, with developing infrastructure and technologies being the beacon of our knowledge. He dreams to see the college transform into a unitary university, with mass involvement of students to better the college in every aspect. He wants the voice of every student to be heard and make his and everyone else's dreams come true.

3. General Secretary - Mr. Jajneswar Dash:

As we have already seen, Mr. Jajneswar Dash, the General Secretary of CET, has been involved in most of the activities in the college, giving him an overall knowledge about how things work here. He said, with this and some guidance from his seniors, he assumed his post. As he said, he has an eye for making a great amount of changes in the college, including beautification of the campus, incorporating basic amenities which the college lacks, and increasing the in-time for girls in the hostels so as to get rid of any hindrance they face in participating in any extracurricular activities.

4. General Convenor - Mr. Shatam Patri:

Being the General Convenor of CET, Mr. Shatam Patri, said that he assumed his post with a bagful of ideas and finds being a part of the Student Union to be a great platform to work actively on them. He wishes to coordinate with his fellow members to weave a magical experience in the upcoming festive seasons, and draw young minds in the city to be a part of our technical and cultural fests and exhibitions - "something that etches itself into the memories of the students."

5. Technical Secretary - Mr. Nitish Jha:

Mr. Nitish Jha, the Technical Secretary of CET, said that he took up this post as a result of seeing his seniors work really hard for the college since he started studying in this institution. He said that he too wanted to contribute to the development of the college; and when he got the opportunity to be in the Student Union, he did not hesitate to join, as through it he could do so. Being quite proficient in the technical field, he assumed the post and hopes to inculcate a progressive mentality among the students of the college, since he believes to make a change, we all need to work together to achieve it.

6. Technical Convenor:

  • Mr. Md. Imran

Mr. Md. Imran, the Technical Convenor of CET, said that he assumed the post to help promote technical expertise in order to match that of the other colleges. He also wants Perception to be a technical exhibition of the national level, which happens to be one of the reasons for him to assume the post as well. For his term, he wants to facilitate the college clubs with equipment to increase student participation, to strengthen alumni relations so as to help students know the current trends in the industry and to help every club publish their own magazine.

  •  Mr. Debashis Mishra

Mr. Debashis Mishra, the Technical Convenor of CET, said that he opted for the position in order to develop the technical aspects of the college. Although it is a Technical College, he said it lacks proper scope and support, which are partially overcome by the technical clubs of CET such as Zairza, Energy, ASME, SAE, etc, but he wishes and promises to add more to them and try his best to help in the development of the technical sector for the growth of the students.

7. Sports Secretary - Mr. Himesh Chachra

Mr. Himesh Chachra, the Sports Secretary of CET, said that he assumed the post in order to promote equality among different sports, focusing more on the qualities of the players than on the importance of the game. He wishes to help in increasing the participation of the students of CET in different inter-college competitions, to help facilitate more amount of training equipment in the college, and to promote newer sports.

8. Sports Convenor - Miss Anisha Sahu:

Miss Anisha Sahu took up the post of the Sports Convenor of CET, as she was actively involved in various sports activities in the college since her first year. She practically knew a lot about different sports, and wished to know more about the challenges of organizing sports events. Her main motive behind assuming the post is to encourage participation of girls in sports events.

9. Literary Secretary - Miss Nimisha Acharya:

As Miss Nimisha Acharya, the Literary Secretary of CET, said her main motive behind assuming the post was to challenge the belief that only men can take up the highest positions in the Student Union. With a lot of support from the Cetadel members as well as the union members and seniors, she managed to do so, and is now leading the Literary club of CET, which can be seen to have had a lot of success under her supervision. She said she is now working hard on making Perception a huge success, along with Literary events being conducted all year round. She wishes to revive the debating wing of Cetadel (Voix), and has various plans for CET rising, with CETQuizzite already winning many competitions. She wants to leave behind a legacy, that the juniors could carry forward.

10. Literary Convenor - Mr. Biswa Ranjan Mishra:

Being part of one club or the other, Mr. Biswa Ranjan Mishra, the Literary Convenor of CET, after co-founding CETQuizzite, felt quite at home after being taken in by Cetadel and eventually leading it. He said it was an opportunity to carry forward this legacy which he could not refuse, and felt that this was in-fact a way to repay what Cetadel had given to him. He wishes to make Perception a huge success, and said that he has various plans for the future, which will unfold eventually, leaving us all with high expectations.

11. Cultural Secretary - Mr. Suraj Kumar Rout:

Since the first year of him in the college, Mr. Suraj Kumar Rout, the Cultural Secretary of CET, has been involved in organizing festivals, parties and many of the like. He said being in a government college, most students are not interested in cultural activities, as much as they are in other private colleges, which has led to a lack in our talent pool making it difficult for us in inter-collegiate competitions. Now he aspires to create a platform such that every nook and corner of the campus hums to art and culture, such an atmosphere that it gives a greater boost for the new talent to accumulate more talent pools and hence launch the ultimatum. This was his prime reason to assume the post. Apart from infrastructure development and equipment upgradation of cultural clubs, we have plans for an internal theatre, fun sessions for all the students, fortnight performances, more participation in intercollegiate events, a more colorful SAC and last but not the least an XTASY where you find it difficult to keep your feet on the floor.

12. Cultural Convenor - Mr. Suraj Dayal:

Mr. Suraj Dayal, the Cultural Convenor of CET, said that he took up the post because of his experience in managing the work associated with this field. Apart from that he has been actively participating in the organizing committees of many events that gave him a great exposure to deal with matters relating to these activities. He said that his prime motive, as of now, is to make the cultural events much more student friendly, and to maximize the footfalls in our cultural fest by actively promoting the cultural activities. All he wants is to serve a steaming hot cultural extravaganza.

13. NSS Secretary - Mr. Divyajyoti Biswal:

Mr. Divyajyoti Biswal, the NSS Secretary, being an active member of NSS, said that he believes in making CET a better place. He said that assuming a formal post has led him to boost up the activities of NSS a lot, and wishes to improve the cleanliness of the campus, maintenance of a proper garden and wishes to promote regular organization of events through his activities.

14. NSS Convenor:

  • Mr. Lalitendu Sahoo

The NSS Convenor of CET, Mr. Lalitendu Sahoo, said that he assumed the post so as to get exposure to the working of an organization on every level, to experience an event from all perspectives, to get to work with different people and to connect to other colleges as well, with his own satisfaction being a personal reason. He said that he has many future plans which he doesn’t want to reveal, meaning to surprise everyone with them.

  •  Mr. Ritwik Pattnaik:

Mr. Ritwik Pattnaik, the NSS Convenor of CET, said that he always had a dream to do something for the society, and that he is very lucky to get the post which he desired. He initiated "mission RAHAT", which has became a great success for the college. It's really fascinating to see the number of students who are actively and voluntarily participating in this program, so as to bring the lost smiles back to those faces who have suffered, have been ignored and are poor, which has been quite the motive of the program. He said that, unlike the other members of the union, he is focusing more on the society, with quite a lot of help from our college students, which will ultimately play a vital role in the progression of our college. In the end he stated that he is thankful to all the union members, especially our President, Mr. Samir Satapathy, and Vice President, Mr. Soubhagya Satpathy, for their desire, dedication, devotion and determination for CET.

15. SAC incharge - Mr. Soumik Rath:

We finish our classes, we finish our exams but everyone in the college moves to one place, it’s the SAC, which to be honest needs to be changed and should be improved, as the SAC in charge of CET, Mr. Soumik Rath said. The primary reason behind him assuming the post was his love for badminton. As he said, It was always that dirty looking big hall with no toilets and lights, and every single person, who plays badminton there, wanted to set it right. He said with the support of the members of the Student Union it was possible for him to do so, especially the sports secretary. He said that he hopes to make the badminton court fully functional, and that the CET gym should have more exercising equipments by the end of his term. He even wishes to lighten up the canteen area, and promises that, as we move towards our technical and cultural fests, the SAC will look far better, like never before.

16. Campus Beautification in charge - Miss Liza Panigrahi:

Miss Liza Panigrahi, the Campus Beautification in charge of CET, said that she took up the post because she has already been involved in various such programs previously. Although it is a new post, introduced this year itself, she believes that everyone is attracted to beautiful things, and so she intends to make our college a beautiful place, so that the students, faculties and also the outsiders will love this place. Renovation of the notice board in the canteen area, painting the walls of architecture building as well as SAC area, introducing an idea zone with minimal costs, gardening, construction of benches from the main gate to KCHR and RHR, renovation of A and B blocks, improving the lighting facilities, are some of the various other plans she has for implementing during her term, which all of us look forward to.

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