Monday, 26 December 2016


By: Team PenTastic
By Subhashri Das (Textile, 2nd year) and Amruta Kar ( F&AT, 2nd year)

The grand entrance!!

They say "change is the only constant." It is astonishing as well as breathtaking that within a second how life changes, from a carefree college life to a jam packed routine of responsibilities. And then surprisingly getting a chance to get back to those old memories, laughing again on that same old jokes with your old friends is truly a self satisfying happiness. Isn't it?

And with this very thought, the Textile and Fashion Technology fraternity met through the jovial root of "SAMAGAM 2016", which was held on 24th of December, 2016. The gathering was witnessed by the students of ITT Chowdwar and CET from 1994 to 2016 batch. It was heart warming watching that how friends were reuniting again with a blend of both anxiety and euphoria. The organisers pulled off the event very smoothly. Many dignitaries graced this grand event. To name some important dignitaries, the chief guest for this grand event was Dr.(Prof.) Prasanna Patasani, MP, BBSR. Other dignitaries included Mr. AP Dash, MD, Spinfed, Additional director, the Directorate of textile as the guest speaker, Mr. Debjit Nandi, deputy director, Directorate of textile, Dr. S.P Mishra, Director, school of fashion, KIIT university and many such important personalities.

The chief guest of the event, Dr. (Prof) Prasanna Patasani

The grandeur event Samagam, kick started with the welcoming of the dignitaries, simultaneously followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony. Then a symphonic welcome song by the 1st year and 2nd year students made the ambience of the event even more beautiful. And then Dr. Patasani inspired everyone with his enlightening words. Then Mr. A.P Dash gave a presentation about the scope of textile in Odisha and also gave a brief description about technical textiles. Then Dr. S.P Mishra shared his ideas about improvement of textiles. This was followed by a spectacular Odissi dance performance by Alisha Mohanty from F&AT, 1st year. With this the formal session was over and everyone was headed to have a mouthwatering lunch.

The Odissi dance performance

After the lunch, the event was again continued with a very interesting segment known as "Know your Alumni". In this particular segment, the alumni from different batches were called and were asked many different questions about their college life fun, their stories about how they achieved their goals, their view points on life, their ideologies and many such things. Personally, this was the most inspiring segment where we got to know that how "hardwork always gives desired results." It was indeed an interactive session. After this the alumni were honored with momentous as a token of love and appreciation.

An event is incomplete without a traditional folk dance. Yes you're partially there, then the event witnessed with a "Sambalpuri folk dance", which was gracefully performed by textile 2nd year students. It was followed by a presentation about the present placement scenario of textile and fashion technology, its pros and cons and how the scenario of placements can be improved in short run, medium run and in long run by Smarak Mohanty from final year. Then a presentation was conducted about the Samagam website by Mr. Amit Chand sir, who is the pioneer of the website. It was followed by a duet dance performance by 1st year students, then a skit which reflected the scenarios of college life. Then finally a band performance was performed making the environment all musical. The band performance made the aura of the event all groovy where people were tapping their feet to the music. And after that there was the DJ which was enjoyed by everyone.

The alumni, who made it all possible!!

With this the grand event Samagam came to an end, which we are sure was enjoyed by everyone. Everybody who were present over there that day, enjoyed as well as learned many things about how things work and how we can make it work. With this we conclude!

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