Sunday, 25 December 2016

Not Every Santa is Scarlet and White!!

By: Team PenTastic
By Sthitipragyan Sahoo (4th year, I&E)

It was the cold shivering evening of Christmas. But I was all warm with hopes, anxiety and anticipating shaping up and beautifully blending in my heart. I was witnessing the perfect reflection of mine in the mirror, an undeniable smile and the visibly rosy shade on my pale cheeks. DAMN!! I was blushing!! A dash of kohl, the pearl white earrings, and it was perfect. *touchwood*

I would be meeting Aaryan after months. This idea itself made the whole holiday worth waiting for. I still couldn’t figure out what he meant to me, a friend, something more than that or even better than the rest! Wrapping up myself in my bright crimson Kashmiri shawl, I stepped out to swap my fantasy to a world of reality!

The evening was snowy white. There were cheerful kids with their sweets and balloons and ribbons, happy families carrying their Christmas trees decorated with every bright shade of happiness, glittering touch of love. There were young love birds intoxicated by the pleasure of just each other’s presence, lost in ecstasy. Yet again at a corner, there stood an ageing couple with their reviving love story. It was as if every substance of the street witnessed love. I sniffed the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, of plum cakes, of sweets, of happiness, of hope, of Christmas!

I reached the café. There he stood with a warm smile and greeting eyes, holding the coffee mug- his daily caffeine requirement! His presence was a full stop to my anxiety, my skeptical thoughts, and a bridge to my reality.

"Hey! You look beautiful."  He said

"Hi.Thanks! Special occasion you know!"

"What? Christmas or our meeting?"

"Open for your interpretation."

I caught him hiding a smile, stealing a glance.

We took our seats and scanned through the menu. He ordered ‘brownie sizzlers’, my all time favourite, but for two.

“You too?” – I asked.

“Now it has become my favourite even.” The curve of his lips formed into a smile.

The moment made me smile within.

As I glanced out of the glass wall, I saw two kids sitting on a bench, their teary eyes and gloomy faces made a huge contrast to the otherwise merry Christmas evening. People were cautious enough not to spoil their evening by even an iota, they refrained from looking at them. I felt this to be so unfair, their bright faces masked by the strike of poverty.

Just when I was lost in my forlorn wretched thoughts, I saw a familiar figure walking down the street up to them and gifting them a box loaded with every kind of sweets and savory, a box of happiness! It was as if someone read my thoughts and *swoosh* with a wave of magic wand, set everything right, a smile on their face. He turned around and there he stood, ‘Aaryan’, the perfect friend, the perfect man, the perfect gift of my Christmas!

He came to me and I kept looking at his eyes, it was as if I found him again in pure serendipity.

“You are staring”. He said

I just smiled.

“Damn yaar!! What are you looking at?”

“It’s just that, not every Santa comes in a bright scarlet coat and flowing snowy beard!” – I replied my all.

This time he blushed.

It was a perfect Christmas evening!

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