Monday, 12 December 2016

Man and Animals

By: Team PenTastic
By Parthasarathy Nayak

One morning I was out on my motorcycle to buy flowers with my grandfather. We stopped at Ahalya Mandap, a kilometer from our home. While he bought flowers for the morning prayers, I just stood there leaning on the bike. When I looked back to check why it was taking so long, realised the shopkeeper and my Grandfather were in a serious chat.

I looked around for something interesting. I saw a group of dogs. There was one female and four male ones. Let the female one be Y, the males be alpha, beta, gamma and delta. The alpha dog was messy, its fur was patched, looked as if it was suffering from something. Beta was black and looked like any other street dog. Gamma and Delta weren't that important. Y was white and brown patched.

What piqued my interest was, these four guys were after this one woman. I thought it was natural, as this is the time of the year when I see dogs doing the deed. But the males were unrelenting. They chased her around my bike. The female kept running around trying to dodge them, always a few steps ahead. Sometimes they were very near to her. Gamma and Delta were never near. It was Alpha and Beta who were in hot pursuit. Alpha was nearest and was trying to get over her. But at one point, it was Beta who managed to finally get over her and managed to give a few pushes. Y was mad, and barking, trying to push them away, it did its best.

Meantime, we had the flowers, and we were home-bound. The scenes I saw, made me think, are the horrors women in our society face similar? But they were just animals, is it a normal thing for them, multiple males after just one female. I could see many similarities between their behavior and ours. They behaved the same way we do towards females in society. Females have always been harassed, be it in the real world or the Internet's virtual world, there is no escape is what I sensed.

Man behaving like animals is not new, the one thing differentiating man and animal is its mind and conscious. Once it loses it, there is nothing to distinguish. It too pursues the same things an animal runs after, food and copulation. We must come together, and ensure man never loses his mind. What are the things that men do, smoking and drinking, it helps loosen up, free the mind, and our primal state of being an animal kicks into gear.

I have read endless articles on prohibitions that governments do, and how badly they have failed. It only promoted bootlegging, once it was thought, with no alcohol to buy, the money earned will be spent in the right places, that has not happened though. More money than before is being spent on alcohol, since bootlegged material is costlier. Also it has promoted people to prepare potions locally, which, they being non - professional, goes wrong, and many people die off spurious drinks. Even I cannot find a solution to this. One way could be to limit the amount one man can have in one day, but how can that be managed.

A thing I wanted to say here is, we must sensitize men on what consequences their actions have. To tell them, the things they do to women can happen to female members in their family too, may have already happened too. I cannot stop people from intoxication, but then we can urge them to be responsible. Drink, but do not get drunk; smoke but do not get stoned. This writing seems pointless as the people who are going to read this may not be the target audience, those who do bad things to females are not all on the Internet, a writing nonetheless.

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