Friday, 23 December 2016


By: Team PenTastic
By Amruta Kar (2nd year, F&AT)

What shall I write?

Shall I write about the dreary feelings of my heart or shall I write about the little happiness which I get after eons of waiting.

Ink bleeds emotions and words create notion-
so, lets strike down some today-
Strike down some chords of my heart.
Chords representing some ugly experiences.
Chords representing bad valedictions.
Also, chords representing some confident strong pursuits of happiness which are gained after the bad storms in my heart.

Yeah, things are not like the old days where people used to come with one knock into this heart. Rather now they have to knock harder. Consistency is what this heart shouts not sublime stay.

Slowly and steadily I will pass this real game of life. Some realities already faced. Some are to be faced. Let storm hit, I'll also simultaneously build cocoon of experiences around the walls of my heart so that there will be more boundaries and less penetration.

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