Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The AfterMovie: A Masterpiece By Photofactory

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Pratik Dash

On 26th October, room number B-407 Was flooded with huge crowd and excitement filled everybody’s nerves as PHOTOFACTORY;the photography club was about to release the AFTERMOVIE of the biggest event of the college , XTASY-2K16.

The "Aftermovie" is the first of its kind in the college.With the trailer of such level released online, there were great expectations from team Photofactory regarding the “aftermovie” and they did not disappoint. Bishal kumar Hembram  along with Prakash kumar Tudu has surely taken Photofactory to a different level.With a talent like Abhishek Mishra in their team this was going to be sheer fun.

At 13:15,when the video was aired for the first time,it was greeted with thunderous applause and a loud cheer.The video impressed with its first shot itself.There was again huge cheer when the video showed a clipping of the men behind the spectacle: Pankaj Shukla, Anubhav Routray, Rohit Kumar Patra, Rajesh Ranjan Mohanty and of course, Abhishek Khemka .We love them so much. A big round of applause again followed when the clip showed the Band’s and Dance performances,and then the loudest cheer followed When DARSHAN RAAWAL was in the screen.The first years were pretty happy and excited to see this FACE of the college,as they had angels' smiles on their faces.They indeed were astonished to see what it takes and how much effort was laid to host the Annual cultural fest “Xtasy-2k16”.

Dazed By the Brilliance of Team Photofactory

“Awestruck,awesome!simply awesome!!”,was the reply of Sunil Behera (4th year,I&E),on being asked about the trailer.

“Could not have been better, Hats off to the trio of Bishal bhaiya,Prakash bhaiya and Abhishek Mishra. This is Photofactory at a different level”,is what struck my mind when I saw the video.

New Logo Unveiled!

Along with Aftermovie release Photofactory also launched its new logo. A great response from the crowd and a huge turnout of students,made the release of Aftermovie and launch of logo a huge SUCCESS!!!!!

Here is the Link!!


Don't Forget to Watch it! :)

Pic Courtesy: Needless to Say, CET-Photofactory :)

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