Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Did Diwali Really Light Up "All" the Lives?

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Abhipsa Mishra

Hey everyone! Celebrated this Diwali up to the brim, right? Yeah! Let us investigate what you missed this Diwali!
As the festival of lights and sounds arrived, people seemed to be busy sending the “best of the best” messages to their beloved kith and kin as early as possible. It has been a kind of trend in itself to be the “first” one in the message sending race. Even some messages wished us “Happy Diwali” for coming 30 years in advance no matter how the relation between the sender and receiver would have changed in these coming years.

Our fast moving world, our unpredictably hectic lives, our accelerating fingers to catch up with the social media trends; perhaps these “cool” stuff have taken us too forward in time that we have skipped the actual “present tense” of ours. We have left behind so many things, so many people and so many duties that cry for our attention. Their existence have stopped mattering us as we become unmoved and busy in the line of selfie craze (ah...those moments when we momentarily declare ourselves as celebrities or even pretend to have superseded them), glamorous make-over (physical make up as well as virtual make up :p), and becoming shopaholic( paying not a penny of heed to the expenditures and forgetting that we have not yet started earning, it’s our parents :P ).

What have we forgotten then? Or more appropriately, whom have we forgotten?

Well, they are those people who have to struggle daily for a livelihood. Wishing prosperity to people owning smartphones will be like praying for Ambani to become richer! They are those people who combat with their fates everyday to bring a smile on the faces of their loved ones. They are those whose eyes have lost the lustre, whose hands have become wrinkled and weak in their daily tussle with life. The sweepers who clean up our Diwali mess every year don’t get a fair chance to create that mess. They are those parents (poor in terms of money, rich in terms love) who find it hard to answer their son when he asks “can we get that cracker, can I get that dress, and can I have one sweet of that species (a delicious one)?” They are also those people who battle for us and against their life to protect the nation from the abominable religious fanatics. We talk about job security and get worried. These Jawans don’t even have life security!! Celebrations being incomplete for their families without them. Also I despair at the pitiable faces of the children in the numerous orphanages which amounts to about 20 million in India who don’t have the ever loving “mamma and papa” to fulfil their small little “legal” demands (if kids don’t demand who else will?). My heart mourns for those parents left in the so called old-age homes which do not resemble a home in the slightest of any manner. Thou have abandoned those hands which prayed for thy well-being and prosperity. And sarcastic it is to admit that you wish for the prosperity of all others on this special occasion forgetting your parents without whom you may not have known the meaning of prosperity! Thou have deserted those hearts which carry love and concern for you (no matter what your degree of cruelty is). Parental love is involuntary upon which even they don’t have control. You left those parents who used to bring all the varieties of crackers at your feet and taught you to overcome fear and crack your life’s first cracker. They are those people for whom the sound the crackers could be deafening rather than a hair-raising feat (often we feel proud after blasting a cracker, don’t know why!).

To be brief, they are those humans for which the coming and going of a festival does not make any difference because we have not allowed them to enjoy. Let us take a resolution to create a difference in these lives. Let us spread the happiness and light up the lives of these bunches of our proud population. Let us celebrate a socially inclusive Diwali involving all of them forgetting their caste, creed and class. We have created a disparity, only we can end. Next time you celebrate the varying colours of India; don’t forget to get good wishes for you from these people! Next time let us burn our ego and pride along with the crackers.

This is how India Looks on Diwali!

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