Thursday, 3 November 2016

Amuza Inductions! : The World's a Stage

By: Team PenTastic

 Written By: Pritiparna Panda and Priyam Gupta

"The world's a stage and we all have our individual entries and exits" is what members of Team Amuza had to say before the inductions, and boy, did they set up a great stage for the enthusiasts to showcase their acting skills! The induction was held on the 27th of October in the SAC area, and was judged by Mr. Subham Kumar Sahu(4th year) and Mr. Soubhagya Satapathy (4th year). The event was hosted by Mr. Suraj Kumar Rout (4th year) and Mr. Rahul Tirkey (4th year). The show kicked off with an amazing patriotic act put up by Mr. Sreekhetra Mohanty (3rd year) who enacted the fateful trial of Bhagat Singh, post the bombing of the Central Legislative Assembly. The profound emotions of this act resonated with the audience who were enthralled by the sheer power of the dialogue delivery to send a chill down the spine.

We Saw an Actual Bhagat Singh in Shreekhetra's Acting!

Next up was the Amuza team who flaunted their 'Nukkad' skills with the well loved calls of 'CET ke bande aaye', setting the excitement factor up a notch. This act was about how hypocritical the Indian society is when the subject matter of character analysation is the female folk. The act centered around topics like intercaste marriage and how it still is a matter which the larger half of the population of our country looks down upon.

Amuzians Sending out a very Strong Message!

The mood took a complete U-turn with the arrival of Swabhiman Dalei, Ashish Mishra and Subham Patra onstage. These first years had the audience in splits with their witty jokes, punctuated, much to the delight of the audience, with peppy dance numbers and movie excerpt parodies piping hot with 'bollywood masala', complete with the iconic 'Naagin dance' and a bunch of those relatable inside jokes on the life of an Engineering student. The crowd cheered these enthusiasts on with delighted rounds of applause and some serious wolf-whistling. 

Brilliant Performances by the Newbies!

Another, much appreciated performance was by Sanskar Sahoo and Siddharth Das which was about a child with special needs. The first year duo did an amazing job at explaining how tormenting everyday life can be for a special child and how more often than not, the consequences of such mental pressure can be serious and gruesome, which in the case of this act was suicide. 

And Some More!

Next in line was Yati Padia (1st year) who put up a commendable performance about how a social evil like female foeticide can be thwarted if only the parents, especially the father, decide not to opt for abortion under pressure from the society. The mono act ended with the message that girls have an equal potential to reach the zenith of success and make their parents' proud, as boys.

Felicitating the Winners

The induction was concluded by the award presentation for the Group/Mono act competition held on the occasion of Cleanliness week, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Ashish Mishra and team clinched the first prize and the second was bagged by the Amuza team.

Pic Courtesy: Photofactory :)

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