Friday, 28 October 2016

Zairza Inductions!

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Subhashree Nayak and Sumeet Sourav Das

Zairza-the Technical Club,as everyone knows,is the hub of CET's profound nerds and geeks. It is a world in itself, filled with gadgets, wires, resistors and what not! It is one of the most active clubs which provides the platform for the development of your technical knowledge and boosts up the grey cells. They are known to hold events throughout the year and they also impart technical wisdom to all its members. The success stories of Zairza are endless and we might just need another article for that.

Inquisitive Faces All Over...

Like every year, this year was no different, as we witnessed a large number of freshers turning up for the inductions which took place on 26th October at 1300 hrs in the orientation hall. It was very surprising that all the seats were filled up in a short span of time and a huge crowd was standing back.( Imagine the euphoria of Zairza) Seeing the enthusiasm of the students it seems it is going to be very tough for the seniors to select the members.

Unveiling the Zairza Newsletter!

The event began with Mr. Prayash Mahapatra(4th year) , the convener of the club presenting a talk on what Zairza is all about- THINK, WONDER and CREATE. Then our very Respected  Dr L.N.Panda sir motivated the students and gave examples of some great innovations followed by Respected Dr P.K.Padhi sir who briefed about the benefits which the students will receive by joining Zairza. Respected Dr R.R.Dash sir welcomed the fresh and raw talented minds to the club to brush up their knowledge and lastly Respected Chandrabhanu Mishra sir proclaimed Zairza to be the only "live" club which is well organised,engaged,motivated and very helpful in placements.

Prayash Mohapatra Interacting with the juniors..

Then there was a presentation regarding the club's achievements and future goals by Mr.Anil Rout(4th year) and Mr.Ronak Maharana(4th year) who also briefed about the robotics activities  in Zairza which is a cocktail of electronics and software based on innovation or improvisation.

RFID Sensor On Display

The simple steps to become a member of the club include filling the form, taking the test and making a project. Then the freshers were directed to explore the exhibition which consisted of webcam server, weather notification server, RFID door lock, android apps,mouse controlled fan and much more. The special attraction was 'THE DRONE SHOW'. The quadcopter made by Mr.A.Pravin Kumar proved that a bright future awaits Zairza and a lot more is yet to come from the ignited minds who are going to storm the technical world.

The Zairza Fraternity

Spokespersons(from 4th Years) :

Mr.Prayash Mohapatra(Convener)

Mr.Anil Rout(Co-ordinator)

Spokespersons(from 3rd Years) :

Sanjay Reddy

Asutosh Hota

Pic Courtesy: CET-Photofactory :)

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