Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Unknown Soldiers

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Sunil Swaroop, EE (3rd Year)

Depicting the Scenario of Our Soldiers in PoK!

“Those who cling to life and those who defy death live”

Victory in a war generally finds it grounds on armaments and the nation’s military forces. The opportunity to descry the apogee of display of gallantry and valour is at disposal only in the field of honour. By displaying phenomenal intrepidity a soldier becomes laudable for his sacrifice and patriotism for his mother country. The solider considers being killed in action in the battle field as his only religion. During the war time the whole nation accolades and glorifies the soldiers for their act of bravery and heroism, they pray for their felicity and well-being. But what happens to these soldiers aftermath the war? Only a few soldiers are lucky enough to receive the medal of honours by expounding potency emblazoned with gallantry and indomitability. But all those uncountable soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to save the modesty of the country do not receive any such type of respect, gesture and gallantry awards neither it is feasible to honour them.

They Don't Sleep so We Can Sleep in Peace!

Very few lucky ones amongst the uncountable soldiers who have fought for the country and sacrificed their lives are honoured; but the love for their country, patriotism, valour and self-sacrifices of those brave sons of the mother land who were neither awarded any honour medals nor were their deeds noticed, cannot be underrated in comparison to those soldiers who were honoured. Due to the sacrifice of these martyrs, sovereignty and integrity of our nation is safeguarded. These are known as the “UNKNOWN SOLDIERS”. These are the soldiers whose identity is never known but whose voice reverberates and presence is discerned.

They Are The REAL HEROES....

To commemorate these unknown soldiers and inspire the future generations, numerous steps have been taken in different countries around the world to immortalise these soldiers. People acknowledge and venerate their sacrifices, accentuate their patriotism and pay homage to them. For this purpose many instances of establishment of war memorials are found in different countries. But it is heart rendering to know that these unknown soldiers remain unacquainted forever in the Independent India.


Westminster Abbey in England which is famous as the mausoleum of members of royal family and higher officials has a war memorial in the honour of the unknown soldiers. There is also a war memorial for unknown soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, America. The Americans every year on their memorial day assemble here to pay tribute to the soldiers. The epitaph in this memorial reads “Here rests in honoured glory an American Soldier, known but to God.”

Not Just The Soldiers...A Salute to all their families for the Sacrifices they make...

Post-Independence in India, there have not been any memorials for the unknown soldiers who were martyred in the battle field. Only the India Gate of Delhi which was built during the British rule constitutes the “Amar Jawan Jyoti” or the flame of the immortal soldiers erected under it in the wake of Liberation of Bangladesh to commemorate the Indian soldiers killed in the defence of their country. Hence it is indispensable to build war memorials for these soldiers to aggrandise them and be proud enough to edify the future generation so that the posterity will remember these unknown soldiers as symbol of courage, bravery and indomitableness.


  1. Well amar jawan jyoti also symbolises our unity. So why should we built different memorials and divide the unsong heroes