Saturday, 1 October 2016

KCHR- A "not so happy" Story behind a Great Name

By: Team PenTastic

Written By:- Srutee Rout, Pritiparna Panda, Nitisha Mohanty

Compiled by:- Sidhant Sourav, Pooja Pattnaik, Anshuman Ray

Home Sweet Home-a phrase we are all well-versed with and unanimously agree with, but even then life at hostel cannot be compared to the life at home, the USP being an individual's Independence....

Though the rules and regulations need to be followed by each and everyone staying at hostel but one is definitely his own master...

The residential girls' hostel of CET –KALPANA CHAWLA HALL OF RESIDENCE which is supposed to create women like Kalpana Chawla for the future of our country seems to have failed to live up to its standards, thus making life difficult for the girls of the college.

Here are some of the few instances spoken by our girls where they have really showed the actual plight of the KCHR residents...

1. Hostel allotment!:

What would be the most sensible criteria to consider in case of alloting students a seat in the hostel ? Distance, right ? But for KCHR, it is " Ranks " in entrance exams that are given the top-most priority for selection...

So, a person living 300 kilometres away has a chance to get a hostel seat than the one living right next to it if the latter has a better JEE rank.

2. Electricity:

Hmm....Tomorrow I have an important test..No issues..I am gonna study the whole night and get done with it....

(5 mins later)

Power Cut for the next 10 Hours??? What am I gonna do??

That's Correct. The hostel has no backup for electricity in case of a Blackout. What is to be done if the exams are looming right on top of your head and there's a massive storm which results in power failure ? NOTHING ! Just wait and hope that there isn't any huge damage done to the electric cables nearby. Oh wait! Nowadays we don't even need a storm for a power cut....

Arey Behen Syska LED use karne ka..Power Bachane ka!

And God forbid if the hostel runs out of water supply!! (God Help us All) Then our beloved handpump ( and the very long queue in front of it, reaching the beginning of which will cost you atleast an hour) is all we have until the water tanks arrive ( which won't for a minimum of 3-4 hours, provided the sun hasn't set, mind).

3. Cracks and broken glass panes:

If we were to consider the flaws in the construction of the building, the condition of the 3rd floor( currently occupied by B. Arch final years and B.tech 2nd years) is the worst. There are cracks ( which recently have been filled with cement, giving it a sorry sight ) and considerable seepage in a number of rooms.

The are broken window glass panes are leaving the students of KCHR unnerved especially during the
nights as only darkness could be seen through that smashed pane.” It creates a havoc situation when the current is out “says Regina Soreng ,a 2nd year Electrical student.

Tanmayee ,another 2nd year civil student added that they are using clothes and wood to hide the broken part .She further added that its been a month she has complained it about but all in vain.”I hope the Hostel Superintendent will take action against it soon by having a glimpse of this picture.

Sheesha Ho ya Dil Ho..Toot Jata Hai!

4. Four people in one room:

Cramping four people in a room meant for three, KCHR successfully manages to teach the 1st years the art of sharing. Due to lack of rooms four people have to stay in a room mainly designed for three. "Could I be any more Claustrophobic???" ( Chandler Bing Style)

The rooms become congested as four beds and four tables cover 90% of the floor space leaving way too little walking space. "Books have to kept on table and we have to study on our bed" says Megha of 2nd year.

Hell Yeah..Choke me to Death!!

How are students supposed to study?.

Simple Answer..They have the Library for that..Don't they??

Just wait , the matter is still not solved as our in-time is just 6 30 pm.

How on earth are we going to study after that???

umm..... Well yeah...who cares..the girls should stay in their rooms in the evening

5. Officially Unofficial:

Another issue which the KCHRites still feel difficult to tackle and understand is the changing room issue. Even if a particular girl is ready to change her room and the other girl is ready to replace her bed ; "self authorized" KCHR officials have made the request process too cumbersome even though the rule book does not necessitate a mandate.

6. IN-Time Extension:

Something which has been demanded time and again and again, but all in vain!

Many students intend to go for extra classes outside the college campus. Many feel convenient to study in library due to disturbance in their rooms. On the other hand there are students who are involved in many co-curricular activities . But due to IN-TIME of 6:30 pm , they have to rush through to be on time.

We hope KCHR residents be given the freedom to move around atleast inside the college campus post 6:30, but No! Bharatiya Sabhyata prohibits it!

7. Bathroom and dripping water supply:

Already the number of bathrooms per floor is not sufficient. Adding to it some of the bathrooms have creepers and spider webs all over the walls. There are also bathrooms where the window panes, locks are broken. As true engineers, the girls have applied "jugaad" and use sticks for locking the doors.”

"Piles of complaints have been registered in our register but all in vain "says Prachee , 3rd yr Mechanical Engineering student.

Hostel Nahi Dhobi Ghaat Hai Yeh!

In fact, about 6 washing machines are not in working condition since a few months, yet no action is being taken to repair the same.

8. Messing with the Mess Food:

Hostel life is full of freedom . There is no parental interference and no one questions us about taking meals on the right time everyday.To most people , hostel and healthy eating does not go hand in hand. The main reason behind it is “Negligence”.

In KCHR, it has been found that meals are left uncovered which become unhealthy and unfit for consumption. Hence the students avoid hostel food and start eating junk food .This deteriorates the health which is the downside of all that freedom we get in a hostel life.So the food must be cooked and served at a proper and hygienic place to save the lives of innocent girls from being attacked by dreadful diseases.

Bhaina..Tike Bhala Khaiba Karidiya....Mess Fee Bhariche pa Ame...

"Quite honestly, saying that mess food is tasty would somewhat be an over-statement when you would be coming here after having eaten home-cooked food for almost 18 years of your life.” Says Sangeeta, 2nd year Biotechnology student.It's  kind of  a Bitter Truth.

9. No Sweepers:

Though our college is having its own reputation amongst the top ranking engineering colleges of ODISHA but Life is not so easy as it lacks the basic service like” SERVICES OF A SWEEPER TO SWEEP AND MOB THE ROOMS “

auu mu eithi Engineering karibaku asithili :(

Students are living with the webs of spider found at the ceiling and dust on the floor. The walls of rooms are dirty and sometimes students suffer from dust allergy. I hope It should be taken off and students be provided with spic and span environment.

I am currently doing my internship for BMC at KCHR!
Even the corridors are not cleaned everyday which piles up the garbage creating a filthy atmosphere.

10. The Secrets of the Inner Gate:

Some rules exist and some are made out of mere situations . One such mystery is the “INNER GATE OF KCHR”.The gate closes at 9:30pm restricting the bevy of beautiful girls to move in the little space between the main gate and this gate. Strangely, it's not an official rule but is obeyed irrespective of situations like water crisis, hot and humid weather and functions.Of late ,so-called authorities at KCHR have said the cause to be the climbing boys on KCHR boundary walls.(LOL)…..

11. Outing Bus:

"An outing every other week is definitely not possible for the authorities to arrange, we understand that, but is an outing once every month too much to ask for ? Our Nanis need a day off too, after all.There is no source for refreshment and good shopping malls nearby KCHR , so at least authorities look into the matter and provide outing bus once in a month"- says Tejaswini Jena ,3rd year Computer Sc.Engineering student.

12. "Are we actually heading towards Modern India?":

In India where freedom is the birthright of every individual,there are some hypocritical scenarios which are still being seen, surprisingly, in the girls hostel of the reputed government college of Odisha. On one side of coin where we preach modernisation and globalisation, and on the other, in KCHR girls are not allowed in shorts to the mess. This unofficial rule has been made by the officials and caretakers who are in-charge of the hostel. No one knows the reason,but a safe assumption regarding the reason can be moral integrity of male staff or some awkward and unexpected hormonal behavior of girls (hope the intentions are good)!!!!!...

"Hostel is said to be our second home. But we are not even allowed to wear comfortable clothes as it may not be "Ethical" according to hostel authorities", says Swati Sahoo, 4th year, CSE.

13. Do we really get 24 hours Wi-Fi connection?:

Internet these days has been an integral part of the education system. And we are lucky to be provided with free Wi-Fi. But what is the use of the Wi-Fi connections, if the routers don't work properly for months and students don't get a chance to use the internet connection most of the time?

Whether there is some important application to be filled or any other work, the girls might have to run to the reading room or may have to wait to get their work done.
" It is really a headache. Anytime I need to use internet for downloading notes or studying online, I have to recharge my mobile with a net pack!"

14. Impact of Jungle around the Hostel.

Due to the large number of trees and bushes surrounding the buildings, a lot of insects and reptiles enter the hostel rooms , which is definitely not a "good sign"!!
Recently a snake entered through the window and fell on a 4th year student named Afrin Naaz of CSE branch. (The Naagin Series gets real in KCHR). Thankfully she got saved in the nick of time, else that could have turned fatal due carelessness of the Hostel Authorities.

These were some of the harsh realities of life at KCHR. Having said that, we wholeheartedly agree that nothing compares to hostel life. It lays the foundation of our being in many ways. We just hope this articles reaches the concerned authorities and they take necessary actions to improve the living conditions of KCHR.


  1. Well crafted and true !

  2. Regarding the in-time...the supreme court has passed the order of girls hostel in time to be 6:30 all over India after the Delhi Nirbhaya Incident...
    Whatever matters you face should be brought to the Principal or Dean.

    Peace Out !

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  3. Soumya Ranjan Mishra1 October 2016 at 09:35

    Bro, no such order has been passed by SC.! In-fact restricting women against their basic right is a terrible offence!

  4. Finally we are bringing up the issues. Generations of students silently stayed and passed out of the ridiculously bad hostel facilities.

  5. Finally we are bringing up the issues. Generations of students silently stayed and passed out of the ridiculously bad hostel facilities.

  6. who shall mention the snakes.......... :O ...????????

  7. There isn't a single appreciable reading room in the hostel. Rather the mess area has been converted into the so called reading room wherein you suck the knowledge from textbooks and mosquitoes suck up your blood and HEALTH!!
    A hostel should have a good reading room in which there shall be 24 hrs electricity so that students don't have to get a panic attack during exam time or even competition time.

  8. Claps!! Hope something changes there after this!!
    -Ex-rebel of KCHR ;)

  9. Any sane person with a sound mind will realize that 6:30pm is not a suitable in time for any gender. And whoever has commented that SC has said about fixing the in time, dude in IIT KGP we don't have in time in any of our 21 hostels. And basically we are not sexists too.(to have different in time for boys and girls).your hostels are inside the campus boundary. So if the authorities are so scared about safety, may be increase security on gates! And if at all they want to keep an in time, it should be at least 9pm. And assuming only girls are prone to security issues is so lame AF. Boys too should have an in time of 6:30pm then! The authorities should either wake up or F-off.


  10. Sting operation :D. Good work @Srutee and team