Sunday, 23 October 2016


By: Team PenTastic
Written By- Pratyasha Ray

People are distrusted, they leave as soon
As the light goes out, and you lie down
on your soft bed
with these heavy thoughts in your little head.

No matter what,
you are left alone to struggle with your demons.
I wish Moonlight could heal,
I would have lied down on my roof counting the stars,
for these open Wounds refuse to mend,
and my first instinct is to destroy and sweep away
all the remnants of the storm.

You left, I held on, my mistake.
I learned to walk away and never came back.
Toughest lesson, because when a bird learns to Fly,
it never walks back.

I am free spirit, I must die,
for my death would bring something new to this world,
and there would be one less lonely Girl.

I cannot replace the scent of your T-shirt in my head,
and my desire to plunge into the Creases of its warmth,
yet you refuse to give me a chance to keep it alive.
I am a firefly, and I keep burning in the incandescent light of my own Torrent.

But before long, I would have waned from your sight,
and then you would want me.
Footprints on the sand are fleeting,
and we Built castles we could never inhabit.
No matter how much you don’t want me,
I’ll keep craving.

It’s too late, to catch me now. I am long gone.

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