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Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp ‘16 @ CET, Bhubaneswar

By: Team PenTastic

Written By:  Shirin Sonali

Within the overflowing swarm of engineers and doctors, an entrepreneur definitely comes out on top. The excitement and inspiration to hold the reins of your own life is what makes them different from the crowd. Keeping in accordance with these promises, Entrepreneurship Development Cell in collaboration with EDII, Ahmedabad organised the Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp 2016 at C.E.T., Bhubaneswar.

After an overwhelming success with the First Edition of this Camp last year in September, 2015, which managed to attract hundreds of participants from our own college, EAC was back with a bang. Last year there were many well-known, renowned and successful speakers with us who provided us with a glimpse into their inspirational lives, sharing with us the stories which made them what they are today.
This year, they managed to attract even a larger crowd, with many successful entrepreneurs joining us for the two day event.

DAY - 1.

With an overwhelming response of around 200 registrations, on the first day of this event we witnessed a large crowd anxious and eager to lap up all the knowledge the speakers were going to pour. We had Mr. C.R. Patnaik, the Nodal Head-EDII, Odisha, for the inaugural session of the event. He spoke to us about the concept of entrepreneurship and the vast historical background on it. Then we had Mr. Dibyasingh Mishra, GM, DIC, who spoke on numerous start-up policies which exist for the benefits of budding entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

For the third session we had successful entrepreneur and mentor Mr. Sanjaya Mohanty, Founder of May I Find, who educated the participants about Small Scale Industry (SSI) units, and how to start it. He also told us about the technology assistance from R&D and Institutions that will be and are provided to various start-ups.

For the last session of the opening day, we had Mr. Sandeep Mishra, Founder of Bigcart, who spoke on the technical and commercial aspects of SSI and the long term benefits of a SSI start-up.

All the esteemed speakers were commemorated by our principal Mr. P.K. Patra and faculty members who presented them with mementos as a token of appreciation for gracing the event.

DAY – 2.

For the first session of the final day, we had Mr. S.K. Rath, Asst. Director of MSME-DI, who enlightened us with the financial aspects of SSI unit, and various schemes of assistance and support that MSME is ready to provide anyone with a sound business plan for a start-up.  

Then we had Mr. Abhishek Khemka, who is an alumnus of our college and has successfully co-founded Eventskart and Temple Thali. He spoke on the Identification of Business Opportunities and gave us an insightful presentation on it. He told us that the path to entrepreneurship might be risky, but it is definitely worth the risk.

For the last session of the event, we had Mr. Sakya Singh Mohapatra, who has successfully founded Sakrobotix Lab, who shared with us his knowledge on creativity and business communication skills required for business. He said that the one thing every person with an idea or a business plan says is that they are waiting for investment to begin their endeavours. But they don’t realize that once you start and hit it off, you’ll automatically get investments.

After the guest lectures and sessions were presented with mementos by ED-Cell’s PIC Mr. P.K. Parida, there was a factory visit to Odisha Transformers Private Limited (OTPL), in the Mancheswar Industrial Estate.

It was an exciting field trip where the participants were explained about the various mechanisms involving transformers. They were told how it works, about the types of transformers, and how they are adjusted or modified in order to supply the correct voltage. The participants got to witness firsthand the making of transformer wires and coils.
Having always been acquainted with the theoretical part of studies, getting to know about the practical aspects was definitely a welcomed change. After an hour and half in the factory, the participants acknowledged that the trip was more than worth it.

The two day event proved to be a fruitful one. One could see the enthusiasm in the young minds, as was evident from the fervour with which they sapped in all the knowledge and by the interest with which they asked questions to the mentors-cum-entrepreneurs.
ED-Cell’s move in introducing and explaining the concept of entrepreneurship to the 1st year students through EAC turned out to be a great success. Not only did it show them that they don’t always have to be clamped down by 9-5 jobs, it also inspired and showed them the path to living their lives by their own rules and being successful too.

We hope that ED-Cell continues to organize such exciting and inspiring events for which we wish them good luck!

Photo Credits: CET Photofactory 

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