Sunday, 23 October 2016

Cetadel Orientation 2K16!!

By: Team PenTastic
Written By: Sumeet Sourav Das

The Fresher Parties and the vacations having ended,the general freshmen notion would be-"Oh no,the assignments,the lectures-are going to begin yet again." So it was our astute responsibility to send the message to the juniors that -"Kids,just relax,we are not going to let you down.You are going to be introduced to a whole new bunch of fun filled activities that will not only make you creative but will be helpful in making you a better person also."

It is rightly said, "Club activities are the lifeline of a college." Joining a college not only gives wings to our creative aspect, we also get to value each other, learn from each other, make a whole bunch of new friends and sometimes go on to make families. One such great family is our very own "CETADEL". For those of you who are not yet fully aware about what Cetadel is all about- It is the representative of the college.This club here makes us explore the ways to express ourselves through our outlook-CETQuizzite, through our speech-Voix and through our words-CET Rising. So to provide a sneak peek into what the club is all about, we Cetards had organised an "Orientation Programme".

The Orientation at full throttle!!

There was an enthusiastic turnout of the juniors at the Conference hall(B-407), the venue for the program.The proceedings began at one o'clock in the noon with none other than our Respected Dr. Meenakshi Prasad Mishra Sir having a fun filled interaction with the juniors. It was none the less inspiring too. The club owes a lot to this man as he wholeheartedly supports all the endeavours and initiatives taken up by our club.Next up,the mantle was taken over by the ever awesomatic Arghya Patnaik. The job of hosting could not have been conducted any better as he was taking turns to introduce the members,meanwhile charming the audience with his immaculate sense of humour.

Arghya Patnaik making a point to the audience

Following up,there was a face off session where the topics were alloted as per the chits picked up by the participants.The most interesting of them being the question-"Would you send your son/daughter to Hogwarts and why?", to which Siddharth Panigrahi from Electrical Engg.Dept expressed that he would not and the reason being-"sending my 'hypothetical' son to Hogwarts would involve a lot of risks and it would not be safe for him"; to which Swikriti Tanaya from the same department countered saying that -"there is no meaning of life without any risks in it.Life should be full of adventures,magic and fantasies." She was all for sending her 'hypothetical' daughter to Hogwarts so that she could learn magic and get involved in a lot of adventures. Besides she backed up her point saying that "the mother of a magician gets popular too"!! Then there was an even more exciting Marvel-DC face off with Saswat Swain from Information and Technology Department, the self proclaimed "superhero", impersonating Batman and leaving no opportunity to rail against Spiderman. Following up was a pantomime by the first years where Manoj Kumar from Instrumentation and Electronics Department stole the show, sending audience to splits of laughter.

P.S: This is acting, not shitting :P

"Cetadel" the name of our family has its origin in the word "citadel",meaning stronghold. Technically, Cetadel is also a stronghold-a power house on its own terms. The achievements,the accolades of the members of the club at both state and national level speak volumes about the prowess of Cetadel. Sure enough the achievers admit the club's role as a platform to showcase their talent and skill at such a level. So juniors,take your cue. If you have that within yourselves,bring it on!! Show them that you are set apart from the common bunch. Come home,come CETADEL!!

The Team!!

Photo Credits: CET Photofactory!!

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