Sunday, 9 October 2016

Call Of Justice : Raise your voice!

By: Team PenTastic
Do sign the petition below and be a part of the revolution of the youth, for the youth, by the youth.


How often have you cribbed about injustice being doled out to you and you standing there helpless, unable to get your point through. If life offers you an opportunity to rally in favour of justice for the sake of a well-meaning innocent soul, wouldn't you make the most of it? Luckily, now is the time.

Narges Ashtari is a name that might or might not be familiar to you. To those who are introduced to this name for the first time, she is an Iranian running her foundation Prishan in Rayagada, Odisha championing the cause of underprivileged kids for the last six years.

As it turns, you do not really reap as you sow.

Another NGO ASSIST which had been working alongside Narges' foundations was exposed by her to have been extorting money from the residents on false premises. On account of a petition circulated by Narges, they had been denied bail several times over two years. But ever since their lawyers managed the issue of a bail in their favour by the State High Court, they have been making life hell for Ashtari by deluding people and blinding them with the lust for money.

An incident dates back to 2014 where Narges along with a tribal couple and their kids had taken a bunch of kids for a picnic by the riverside. The elder kid of the couple was swept away by the current, never to be found again. Though, the parents had filed a missing report then, the founders of ASSIST have twisted the tale before the naive parents in such a way that they now hold Narges responsible for the death of their kid and hence, have pressed manslaughter charges against her in the hope of extorting lucrative compensation with regard to the loss.

For quite a while now, Narges has been the constant butt of abuses, both physical and verbal.

Her very intention of coming to Rayagada for the sake of improving the welfare of the kids is now being questioned. All because of the distorted influence ASSIST has had on the residents and the local authorities in charge.

This petition is a virtual rally in her favour, against the manslaughter charges she is facing currently because Justice is our ultimate call.

Do your Bit. Be the change.

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