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Bizarre Questions asked to a CETian!!!

By: Team PenTastic

[Written By: Bedopam Roy, Yogesh Kumar and M. Soundarya]

Every CETian must have gone ( and still goes) through a bizarre and weird phase of being bombarded with questions which seem to have come out from the blue, just at the time of taking admission in CET. So these were the responses that we got from CETians themselves......

1   1.  Dinesh Dora, 2nd year (Electrical Engg.) : "Uniforms In College??"

     The most bizarre question asked to me was “do you have uniforms in CET? ”; since most of the private colleges have. I quite firmly replied that CET has got no such dress code but you need to be decent. First years have to wear formals and that’s it !

Bhai Au Kete Barsa Uniform Pindhiba

2.    Risha Agarwal, 3rd year (Mechanical Engg,): "The CET Jungle Book"

I was literally flooded with numerous bizarre questions like “Is CET a full-fledged anti-ragging college, how is the food in the canteen ? And what is the speed of college Wi-Fi?”. But weirdest ones were “Why is CET in a jungle? And why do you have such comical get-up on your freshers?” 

Even Bhubaneswar was a Jungle Once :P

3. Suramya Mishra, 4th year (Textile Engg.): " CET? State Govt. College,is it? "

When I took admission in CET some people around me interpreted "CET " as some sort of “City College”  even till now people ask me where is CET ; inspite of  CET being a prominent institution of the state. Another question occurred to me was whether the dispensary near CET main gate was functional or not…  Later on I came to know that a doctor does visit the dispensary on Monday,Thursday and Friday…..to which many of us have no knowledge.

Hell yeah..It is..Improve your knowledge about Engineering Colleges

4. Neha Pandey, 3rd year(F&AT): "CET- What's In a Name?"

When I said about getting admission in CET, people asked me whether it is CET Mumbai, which made me ROFL.Also I was asked about the boy whom I liked in college and about hostel.Well, our college has insufficient accommodation for girls which made me live in a private hostel….huhh!!!

Where Do you study?IITWhere? Kharagpur, Kanpur, Raipur???Happens all the time :P

5. Akshaya Kumar Tripathy, 3rd year(IT): "Hmmm...Dil Chura Liya"

Most bizarre  question, hmm… I was asked many…like which girl stole my heart on the very first day of college.To which at that moment,I had no answer. I was also asked about my first day at CET and the list goes on….

 6.   Sagufa Azeez, 4th year (I&E Engg.): " Seriously Why CET??

The very first question was “Why CET?”.Obviously it was on the the basis of merit list and the choices I had filled .Also I was asked about the whereabouts of CET….its infrastructure placements,etc

Because it's a damn good College!!

7.Rituraj Mohanty, 3rd year(CSE):  18+ Content Ahead

Yes ,definitely I was asked many bizarre questions “who evaluates your paper, CET teachers or BPUT?”.BPUT obviously but teachers do play pivotal role ;) ,seniors asked “How to increase concentration during exams” (for boys particularly), I replied Horlicks, but their answer was weed!!! (a burst of laughter followed…). It was like fog nahin weed chal raha hai… ;)

That's definitely the way to flunk your exams

8. Samir Satapathy, 4th year(Textile Engg.): "Autowale se hum pareshan"

The most bizarre question put to me was by an autowallah!!. “when I hired an auto from railway station to take me to CET,he rather took me to Acharya vihar towards KIIT instead of Khandagiri. After charging extra he took me to CET. He could not understand whether it is ‘C’ or ‘K’,too embarrassing”. Another confusion also occurs between CET and other similar sounding names like CEB,etc.

9. Siddhant Das, 3rd year (IT): "When will CET get University Status?"

Yes ,I remember a question asked by my seniors,if I had any girl friend before taking admission.That was quite funny….LOL!! My neighbour also asked me a bizarre question:-“Is CET still under BPUT ? , when will it get university status?” .I had no idea what to answer.Some questions are better if unanswered….. 

Work In Progress!!!!

10. Amruta Kar, 2nd year(F&AT): "Confusion over F&AT "

One weird question I remember was “Does CET offer agricultural courses?”….LOL. CET is a technical college ,from where does agriculture come !! Another one was “what is fashion and apparel technology,is it fashion designing or is it a B.Tech degree”. It was totally a lame,stupid and bizarre question. Technology advanced but people still remain grounded. 

You Find Ignorant People every Now and Then

11. Piyus Sravan Tripathy, 4th year (CSE) : "CET comes under OUAT right? Why did u choose Agriculture over Engineering?"

Piyush Sravan at a complete loss of words.

And here i thought i was pursuing computer science from one of the most prestigious colleges of the state. I just smiled at that person and nodded my head. There is a gross lack of basic awareness among people about what CET offers.

12. Sobhan Acharya, 4th year, IT : Why did U join CET when there are other private institutions offering better opportunities?

Apparently the CET legacy and achievements haven't reached the people of our own state. CET has produced CEOs and IAS officers who are renouned for their talent and skills. CET has been quietly scripting success stories while sycophants have been busy flattering other institutions. It's time to make our presence felt.

13. Hari Prasad Swain, 4th year, IT: "What is CET?"  

And it was asked by a person standing at NAKAGATE. 

Are u freaking kidding me!?

These were some of the Bizarre questions asked to CETians. If u have encountered any other question do comment below. In any case, if u are wondering how we would react : 



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