Saturday, 29 October 2016

Arpeggio Inductions: Music Is What Feelings Sound Like

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Sudipta Das and Abhipsa Mishra

“Ah, music” ,he said, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here!”

-J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone

Well, it is indeed true that music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart. The seven mesmerising notes are nothing but a combo that yields as the best stress booster and a soothing factor for the soul. And yes… Arpeggio, a talent hub of all the musicians and rockstars in CET , did it again!!! !Extending a hearty welcome to all the students and the first year newbie musicians, this year the inductions were held with great pomp and show on the 26th of October in the Architecture Lobby.

Captivating the Audience!!

The lobby witnessed a huge gathering ,as amidst all the academic pressure and exhaustion of busy college schedule, the inductions brought out an untouched euphoric mood of everyone present there, quite effectively. Students were excited and nervous, prepping in groups to give their best as this is a gateway to not only become popular with one’s amazing skills but also to learn more ,to hone their talent and carve a more confident and smarter person from within oneself. The flocking of the freshmen at the venue before allotted time hinted at their desperation and long awaited wish to join the ecstatic Arpeggio family.

Music Is truly the essence of life!!!

The event kick-started with about 100 students registering themselves for the test .The commencement of the programme was marked by a couple of performances rendered by the well known performers of the club,firstly, a slow romantic song sung by Suprakash Mishra followed by solo performances by Sudipta Das and Priyanka Priyadarshini. These mesmerising performances proved to be crowd pullers and inspired the juniors as well. The duet by Suprakash Mishra and Ankita Swain seemed as the icing on the cake.The very talented Lakshyajit Laxmikant created magic by his unmatched keyboard playing skills and the drums were played by Jyiotirmaya Khatua.Rajan and Ronit Kumar Nayak managed the guitars.The convener of the event, Nimish Mishra, expressed “Music should be your passion,not something which comes out of you as a compulsion”. The words reminded juniors that-Music is quite a serious issue here which requires dedication and commitment.

Instrumentalists Take Over the Show!!

The event saw singers singing enchanting melodies of widely varying genres ranging from Classical,Sufi,Semi-classical which demands hardcore training to light music like filmy songs and pop.
Not did we just get to listen soulful Hindi songs but also saw hues of western music and fusion.A girl singing in Telugu made everyone’s heart skip a beat.Being not limited to singers only, many good instrumentalists came up and gave jaw dropping performances.Some of the brilliant performances became the show stoppers and received a huge amount of appreciation and cheers, while some students had strictly instructed their group of friends to clap and whistle for them beforehand!!!The event was stuffed with several funny and blissful moments which got imbibed in our mind forever.

It all came to an end with a last but remarkable instrumental presentation of a Game of Thrones tune by some of the the Arpeggio club members.

From this huge talent pool,some of the best fine-tuned musicians were selected which made Arpeggio even more enriched.The whole event was a huge success- the whole credit goes to all the club members who worked day and night to create such an exciting opportunity for the newcomers.These guys will keep entertaining us for years to come and maintain this musical legacy.We are glad and thankful to the novices who made this event so happening with their breath-taking performances.


                                         COME.......JAM WITH ARPEGGIO!!!!!

Pic Courtesy: CET Photofactory :)

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