Friday, 14 October 2016

A physic-mental journey

By: Team PenTastic

 Finally I was travelling back to my home. Away from the rush and struggle of college and exams! This was in itself a relieving hope making my mental nerves jump! I was almost boiled in a short journey from my hostel to the station. Reaching station before time offers you two things: a desired window seat and a lot of time to get boiled once again! It was seriously a very dreary afternoon. When you would be dying for cool breeze, you will feel hot gush of gases everywhere. When you would be fantasizing yourself taking a dip in that village’s chilled lake, you suddenly realize that “oh! I have already bathed in my stinky sweat”. I just waited and waited and waited only for the train to start but perhaps I arrived too early for the train master to show pity on me! 

After an hour or so, the train started to rattle and move at around 3:25 pm. Sigh of relief! For me, it was a transition from a blast furnace to the outer world. As the dry fields passed by, I kept observing the same scenes, more correctly, disappointing scenes of broken, fragile hutments, dead and dry moors, dust-covered bushes and care-demanding senile trees. I was candidly missing those lush green array of fields or at least patches of them. But I knew I am going nearer and nearer to a destination wherein I will attain absolute peace at least for few minutes. And there! It came. The largest lagoon of India and second largest in the world was slowly taking shape. Yes, you all guessed it right- CHILIKA !

Indescribable & inadmissible it was! My eyes gazed persistently at the view. The water droplets were scintillating under the sunshine! The sudden gush of cool, solacing breeze gave the signal. In few seconds, its vast view filled my heart with sheer ebullience! I wanted to cry out. It enthralled me, the sun kissed water (it was still not dark), the small islands, the old fishing rods; everything was exactly like a nature-loving painter’s sketch and I was staring like an obliged witness wondering about the Creator’s excellence!

 It seemed like the high-headed sky was bent over the brackish lake having forgotten its entire ego only to smell the freshness of water pearls, only to capture the sight of verdant green lawns of the mini-islands so that it can reconcile with it later! The snow white sky and the silver shining drops have become one; this time the horizon could not make them apart! It seemed like the water stretches forever and forever endlessly. It felt like the drops had special grace implanted in them. It sounded like the droplets giggled indicating to stop by it and rest in its lap. But I knew I cannot; I have been physically destined elsewhere albeit I was mentally uplifted to another world of my dreams. I had to move on, arresting each prospect of this graceful lagoon in my eyes. As I reached home, as the night fell, as I lay on my fluffy bed, I closed my eyes to behold those vistas which gave me tranquility in the most harmonious manner.

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