Sunday, 7 August 2016

It's the First Sunday of August!!

Written by:- Pratik Dash, Electrical, 2nd year.

Its again the first Sunday in the month of August and it is a day for all. Youngsters, adults or children, everyone need a person who may not be family but is there for them. Yeah! And that is where Friendship arises! A beautiful bonding between two individuals, 'FRIENDSHIP'.

Famous boxing legend,Muhammad Ali puts this relationship in a beautiful way and says,“Friendship is the hardest thing to explain.Its not something that you learn in school.But if you have not learned the meaning of friendship,you really have not learned anything”.

 By the time we reach our high school we find some people who are simply like us and we love their company. Sharing water or asking for pencil is what  it starts with. A huge trust we lay upon these persons, with time. The best part of this relationship is that, you always have somebody to support you. A good friend is difficult to find,but once you find them, you never want to lose them. They are people with who one can share problems, make fun and ask for help anytime required.

College is the best time when you make great buddies. Imagine on a rainy day, you sit with your best friend and drink coffee in the canteen and pull each others'  leg, saying “What an idiot you are Bro!”, “Agar yahaan Osama aa gaya toh?”, etc.

A friend not only enjoys our company but also stays with us in some tricky situation. Life without friends is never complete. Remember,may it be any relation,friendship has to be there so that the relationship gets stronger. It all starts with just being friends.  So friends, enjoy your days with your close pals and enjoy being friend-zoned too(sometimes).

 Celebrate this day with pure heart,and full enthusiasm. A happy friendship day to all the CETians!!!!!

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