Sunday, 14 August 2016

Independence Day Special: Quiz and Extempore Competitions

By: Team PenTastic
Written by: Bedopam Roy (2nd year, Textile Engg)

With the essence of Independence day touching the air at CET, the Literary Club, Cetadel kickstarted the Independence Day celebrations with a plethora of events, all dedicated to our nation. The first event was the India  Quiz, organized by CetQuizzite in association with Cetadel. It was a part of a string of three events planned by Cetadel, namely Quiz,Extempore and Writing competitions based on India .The quiz was organised on 12th of August in B-402 at 1pm. Students of various branches and years gathered here for this high-end, fierce,heated quiz. The quiz was co-ordinated by our very own Quiz master Debabrata Pramanik. Now how much the students knew about their motherland was put to test by him .Teams of 2-3 students were formed.
 As all the students gathered, the nail-biting competition started sharp at 1:10 pm.The entire competition was divided into 2 phases.In the first phase, 15 questions were asked in all.Each group had to write had to write its response on a piece of paper.The questions ranged from thought-provoking and head-scratching to some enthralling,enchanting and fascinating ones.The questions asked were about famous Indian personalities,events,films,UNESCO sites,etc.Every group discussed among themselves.As it finished, scores were calculated and six teams were chosen to go to the finals.

The QM, Debabrata

 In the final round,everybody was expecting a more difficult set of questions. It came with its own exciting,nerve-wrenching set of questions, that too in three different rounds.As answers were declared just after every question, a loud thumping sound could be heard from those teams that got it right.The team that got negative points could just utter ooohhhh…..with both their hands on their face. Here the teams also got bonus for answering every passed question. Debabrata bhai noted their marks in real time. After the last round,final group scores were declared.

The winners were: Sailesh Mishra,Prateek Goutam and Aditya Tripathy

And runners up were: Anshuman Panda and Bijay Naik

It was a fully power-packed,fun-filled session. All the participants, whether they won or lost could get a clearer image of India in his or her mind……with a much stronger National feeling!!

 The second day of the Independence Day Special events was heralded with the extempore competition. With just one day to go for the country wide celebration of Independence day, an extempore competition was organised by VOIX, the debating wing of CETADEL in B-402 at 1 pm. It was co-ordinated by Yogesh Kumar and Shrika Agarwal. The competition saw a huge number of first year students participating in it. Leaving them aside, there were competitors from other branches and other years as well. Shreemant sir and Sangeeta ma’am from Mathematics and Humanities department were the esteemed judges of this event. 

 Every candidate was given a topic from a draw of lots. He/She was given three minutes to think and arrange the points about the topic. Then they had to speak in front of the judges. Their speech was evaluated by the two judges as one was speaking for three minutes, the next one was given a topic. The topics given were :

i     Will the principles of the man who brought us independence work this Independence day?

If India is colonised once again, do you think India will get Independence?!

Can Indian media celebrate its Independence day?

Nationalism without liberalism is a monster.

 You could see the performers even moving their hands and the connection between what they said and their facial expressions was commendable. Candidates showed their enthusiasm and mesmerised everyone with their nationalistic views. They shared their perception about the government, reverence for the armed forces, sacrifices of freedom fighters and duty of the citizens.

 By the end of the competition, the winners were declared by the judges. The winners were:
Winner: Arvind Samal (1st year, Civil engg)

Runners up: Sai Shankar Gochayat (3rdyear, CSE)

Special mention: Vinayatosh Panigrahi (3rd year, Electrical engg)

The judges, the coordinators, and the one who covered it all!!

 It was indeed a great platform to showcase our talents.
                                         Freedom in the mind,
                                       Faith in the words,
                                      Pride in our souls…..
                 Let us salute the nation on Independence day!
             Wishing everyone a very happy Independence Day!!        

Special thanks to Aishwarya Kumar Das from CET Photofactory for the clicks!!

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