Wednesday, 10 August 2016


By- Abhipsa Mishra, Computer science and engineering(2nd yr)
           The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships – Abraham Lincoln.

    Largely unofficial, the friendship day is celebrated by millions across the world. Nothing like religion, gender, race, caste, nationality, ideology, senior-junior matters. 
         It is when we cherish the presence of those lazy, over smart, extra-sincere, funny, nostalgic, the “great thinker” type, outspoken, “conjoos” and many other types of friends in our life! It’s the time to chill out with our amigos. It’s the day to recollect those old and recent memories of small fights, big laughs, pranks, class bunks, outings, fests, movie nights, exam stress.
      Without this fun and frolic, life is unimaginable. Friends and friendship keeps us going. Devoid of friendship, life will be like a rose without fragrance, a book with unwritten pages and a sky without stars to stare at!
        When you break down, a hand pats you and calms you down; that’s a friend. 
 When you rejoice success, several other feet dance to the tune of your victory; those are friends.         When you are going down the way, a hand pulls you back to the right track; that’s a friend.           When you are upset, a voice cracks even the silliest of the jokes to cheer you up; that’s a friend. 

    Most part of the world celebrate this day on the first Sunday of August every year with great euphoria. Exchanging friendship bands, coffee party, wishing buddies whom you have not talked since ages, dedicating special songs on the radio, planning out for dinner, lots of gossips and humongous amount of selfies stir up the day.
            Exploring CET has turned these words into some cute memorable photos!

Electrical students of 2nd yr celebrated friendship day with a great zeal teaming up with many to have a grand lunch at the Victoria restaurant. They say “It was the first occasion on which almost everyone joined the celebration! It was great fun with all the new friends. Surprise awaited us.....Victoria restaurant offered special discounts exclusively for CETians....what could be more delighting (giggles)....”.

A beautiful collage of the students of Biotechnology branch, 3rd yrs celebrating the special day with great excitement. They all went to the COUNTRY KITCHEN, had luscious lunch with fun reloaded.  The girls had their night out at a friend’s stay. Pajama party, truth and dare games and delicious dinner was the part of their celebration!

The students of Mechanical branch, 2nd year celebrated friendship day in the girls’ hostel partying throughout the night. Their words “The definition of friendship keeps on changing as you grow. In our childhood days, it was defined by the number of friendship bands we used to get. It was like “yaar dus bands mile, wow. Waise yeh pink wala kisne bandha? But now it’s not about the bands. It’s about what you feel about each other and how close you are to each other”.

And here comes the grand celebration of our Computer Science and Engineering branch students, 4th year. They all planned out to visit the Lord Jagannath’s Dham Puri for their eternal friendship and well being! Bhavna Sahu says “ We received the blessings of the Lord and wish that our friendship stays forever....and our awesomeness should go on increasing !! Epic ABHADA(the holy rice of Puri temple)...mastii at sea shore and some amazing pics”. It was their best day among all the awesome days of life till now!
    Also few others of CSE, 4TH YRS cut the cake on this opportunity to make it a memorable one.

 The students of Instrumentation and Electronics Dept of 2nd yrs were not behind. They too reached to the restaurant to have some lavish lunch to break the daily routine. One of them said “ We still miss those friendship bands and our school friends....but koi nahi.....iss baar the celebration was grander than what we used to do in our school life...it was a high-profile friendship day...loved it!”

A few students of  Information Technology, 4th year went out for lunch to celebrate double happiness! And Hari Prasad says, "Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness. And to celebrate my campus placement and Friendship Day (belated) I  took my friends for  brunch at Biggies! My friends are my biggest support and they keep adding new meaning to my life everyday."

Vibrant and diverse are the perfect synonyms for friendship. Never lose it because you can afford it only once! 

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