Sunday, 31 July 2016


By: Team PenTastic
By: Pratik Dash

With the start of a new semester, starts new excitement. The first taste of excitement this came up when the first session of CETQUIZZITE took place on 29th July, in B-406 at 3:30 pm. The quizzing session was started by our own Debabrata Pramanik bhai, who followed a genre of general questions. A big crowd had gathered to face those insanely abnormal but common questions which makes the quizzing sessions very interesting. An awesome response, from the crowd and intriguing questions pumped up the environment. Teams had been divided but it was just a session and no competition was held which allowed everybody to discuss. You would find students jumping up from their seat, when they see a known question but cannot recollect the answer. A smiling face of Debabrata bhai was adorable as he went on to get multiple answers for a single question and sometime even all wrong. J 
 Then came Mukti with his series of questions from entertainment genre, which was all the more funny. Questions from superheroes, movies and Television series were very interesting to face. This time response was great as almost all answers were told by the crowd. After 20 questions from Debabrata bhai, and 20 from Mukti, the session was almost done. We all did not want it to get over, but 4:30,the clock stroke and it was bus time for day-scholars hence they ended it. This Quizzing wing of CETADEL, the literary society of our college, has been a very good source of both, entertainment and knowledge. Those who missed it, have missed a great chunk of masti. But as promised by the Quizzites, they will be back with more such entertaining but knowledgeable sessions throughout the semester. So folks be aware as they come to make you think. 
Brace yourselves, a lot more from the QUIZZING wing is coming!!!!


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