Friday, 8 July 2016

Find Thy Buddha!

By: Anshuman Ray
Written By: Durga Prasad Adhikary

"Don't bow your head in front of me, I am not BUDDHA. You should bow your head only in front of a BUDDHA ", He said while lazily rising from his seat.
That day,I sat thinking about BUDDHA. Was he only a religious figure or someone who symbolises any deep spiritual meaning. Till that day Buddha for me was Gautama Buddha, the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu whom Shri  Jayadeva described beautifully in Gita Govinda (under Dasavatar Stotra) as :

"nindasi yajna-vidher ahaha sruti-jatam
sadaya-hridaya darsita-pasu-ghatam
kesava dhrita-buddha-sarira jaya jagadisa hare" 

which meant O Lord of the universe who have assumed the form of Buddha!
O Buddha of compassionate heart, you decry the slaughtering of poor animals performed according to the rules of Vedic sacrifice. That day Something forced me to delve deep within, so deep such that the soul will dissolute in the deep ocean of knowledge and tranquility. There was a intense urge to taste the utmost reality of life. The restless mind could no more had enough patience to delay this quest any further.

I searched dictionary extensively for the meaning of word " BUDDHA". The dictionary vehemently replied me, " One who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment ". The word Enlightenment again entangled my mind. I again searched for the meaning of the word Enlightenment. This time I got the reply as ,"The beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation characterized by extinction of desire, suffering and individual consciousness"

Enlightenment itself is all about being perfect and yet I could not find the reason of using the word perfect with enlightenment in the meaning of word Buddha. Later I inquired him about what I can do to reach that point , which once hit will make me realize the reality of being a mortal. I asked him directly, " What can I do to become a BUDDHA?"
He replied gracefully, "Be aware of everything that you do, you see, you hear, you perceive and never ever judge them. Just be sure that every action and inaction of yours brings you nearer to yourself, your inner self that dwells in the infinity"

Buddha meant the ones who know completely who they are, who knew their purpose in life, who knew the depth of their existence, who have mastered the five elements of life, for whom there is no differentiation of desires and sufferings, who can choose the moment where to cease his life peacefully without harming the body in any means ( The conscious act of dying through the process of getting into samadhi) , who have every emotion under their control and many more. Being Buddha is act of attaining perfection even though you are perfect in every possible aspect.

That day the whole perception about the word BUDDHA changed , there exists no single buddha but a string of BUDDHAS throughout this millennium who are all aware of themselves, their existence and their purpose, The first being Gautama who showed mankind the way to reach the infinity with this mortal body. The path of being the way who you are is always incontrovertible but the ways to deal with them brings a lot of confusion.
The ideology of defining oneself above the other brings about the difference in mindsets and thought of the people. To see one the way it is , is the way to reach heights unexplored by others. To see oneness in all requires great deal of clarity and determination in a being. One should fully be aware of the fact that he or she is a speck of dust in this vast globe and  to know the nature of his/her life would be it's greatest achievement .

Daily conflicts has limited the natural capabilities of the human soul. The conflicts that exists inherently within the soul, which decides the nature of things, which decides the nature of living, which decides the way to evade sufferings and enjoy bliss tends to make the path of life more clear and more organized. But they also bring with them a obliteration in the profoundness of the eternal soul. That is the reason why the ancient scriptures have addressed the true characteristic of soul as " Nirdwandam" or " Dwandarahitam" i.e. which is beyond any doubts and conflicts.

The knowledge of inner self makes one clear of the objective of life. The whole system, the whole cosmos with all its vitality has supported this life to nurture,to blossom so that one can experience the true exuberance of this life once he/she realizes the very basis of his creation, the very basis of its existence and survival.

Emotions like Love, Anger, Affection ,hatred are irrepressible qualities of human soul till the point one realises the value of its existence. These feelings do share the same plot and are the indicators of level of maturity of a being. Going beyond and further beyond,one realizes that the nature of all these emotions are quite alike and are manifestations of that one eternal soul. Meditating on inner self leads to knowledge and jubilation.

It is the time for the change. The change that will fix a appointment of "YOU " with " YOU" , that will bring about a change in status quo, that will bring a halo in ones personality . Passion, dedication and determination can bring about any change in the equations of life but they should aim at making it more peaceful, blissful and ecstatic.

My sincere thanks to all the Teachers, gurus and every being in this vast sphere of Joy and Pain & beyond.

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